Want to help victims of Hurricane Ike?
Bee County to collect food, household items for county workers in upper Texas coast
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Six days after Hurricane Ike slammed into the upper Texas coast, the Galveston County Courthouse still has water sloshing through it.

And that means Galveston County employees will be out of work for a while — and maybe out of their homes and out of food and water.

They’re among hundreds of county employees in Texas victimized by the category 2 hurricane.

Bee County personnel want to help their colleagues to the north in their time of need by shipping food and other necessities to them next week.

“They work for county government just like we work for county government,” said Bee County Clerk Mirella Escamilla Davis. “The relief effort would be one county helping another.”

Although details of the collection effort have yet to be decided, Davis said the relief effort would most likely collect canned food and other household items.

“Right now we’re thinking of collecting stuff from Monday through Thursday and delivering them on Friday,” she said. “Because they need the relief now, not later.”

Non-perishable items to be shipped include canned meats and vegetables, cookies, pastries, canned tuna and Vienna sausages, peanut butter and jelly, powdered drink mixes, bottled water, paper towels, pet food, diapers, baby food, paper plates and cups and plastic utensils and anything else the victims would need to get by until power is restored and they return to work.

“I am on the County & District Clerk’s Association list serve and came across an e-mail from Fort Bend County Clerk Diane Wilson responding to a previous e-mail concerning the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike,” Davis explained. “In her e-mail, she writes what is needed in all the coastal counties are water, ice and non-perishable canned foods.”

“As a result of that e-mail, a thought came across my mind ­— Why doesn’t Bee County join forces with all the elected officials and department heads and our local news media (newspaper and radio) and start a drive to collect the above mentioned supplies to assist these coastal counties?”

“I then briefly contacted County Judge David Silva, Sheriff Carlos Carrizales Jr., Tax Assessor-Collector Andrea Gibbud and County Agent Donnie Montemayor, to see how they felt about the idea. The idea was received with open arms.”

The collection drive is called the Bee County Supports Texas Coastal Counties Relief Effort.

Bee County officials are scheduled to iron out the details of the relief effort at 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Anyone wishing to contribute may contact Davis at 362-3245 or any other Bee County elected official.

“I have made a call to Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Morgan to learn where these supplies can be delivered to,” Davis added.

“Additionally, I will suggest that each elected official and department head donate $5 to defray the cost of the fuel to deliver the supplies to save the taxpayers dollars.”

She continued: “To accomplish this relief effort, we all need to come together and work as a team so it can be a true success; one that we can be proud of because it could have been us.”
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