When I was a little girl...
by Dianna Luna
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When I was a little girl, I remember walking into my home and finding strangers there. I would ask my parents, ‘Are these our relatives?’ For I had never seen them before. Mom would say “no, they broke down... we found them down the road, and they are staying with us until their car gets fixed. As a young girl, I did not get the goodness my parents were instilling in me. We would feed them, and sometimes they would even spend the night. There are so many other gestures my parents did. My mom would always say “Love and care for people. No matter what.” I would just agree. David’s parents were the same way, always helping others. They were very helpful and giving.

Now as a grown up, I realize I’ve grown up to be just like my mom. Many of you do not know, but my mom could never hold a baby full term. After trying and trying, they heard about two little girls who needed a home. So, they looked us up and adopted us. Yes, another gesture of “love.” When I was a senior, my mom got pregnant and carried my sister, Christina, full term. My mom said, “It’s a gift from God” for all the love and goodness one does. So true!

David, my love, is my rock right now, and my children are my angels. Together, we are all doing fine. Not to mention all the prayers and help from our close friends and this community.

Sunday was my benefit and auction, and it was such a success. I was not able to attend, but I could feel the love all the way to my home. When my children got home, they were so excited, telling me all that happened and how many people helped. I could see the joy in their eyes and how happy they were explaining to us all that happened.

For this we will forever be thankful. Thank you my friends, family, the community, businesses and all the surrounding areas for caring and for showing compassion and love.

I also thank Father Richard for teaching me the difference between being religious and being spiritual. Because of him, spiritually, I love more, and I pray more. Prayer is what we all need no matter the circumstances. When I told him I would lose my hair, he said, “You are your heart and soul that is what counts—the inside—not how you look.” How true that is. Thank you, Father Richard!

Thank you once again from me, David and our family. We are so blessed and loved. When you give from your heart and love, it comes back to you.

May God bless you always,

Dianna Luna, David and family
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