Why can’t we just get along?
by Willie C. Jones Refugio
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Hate has been here almost since the beginning of time and will probably always be here. I have seen plenty of hatred in my lifetime, but this past election season really brought out the meanness in people. My family told me about the jokes and pictures on the computer aimed at the president.

I thought back to my childhood when these things were actually taking place and this set me full of rage. This turned into a black and white racial conflict. When I was in the war down in a foxhole we didn’t care what color the next man’s skin was.

We just had each other’s back. When 9-11 happened, we came together and didn’t see color, and most recently when super storm Sandy came, we didn’t see color. It seems that in times of war and tragedy we can unite, but soon as a little time passes we forget and go back to our old ways.

If we check our family trees we may discover that none of us are pure white or pure black. We may be hating on some of our kinfolk.

I am proud of Barrack Obama, our first biracial president. As a grandfather of biracial children being born, maybe one day the old hatred will slowly die out.

Hatred is like an incurable disease. Please keep it to yourself. Don’t pass it on to your children. Learn to live with everyone else.

Why can’t we all just get along?

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