Writer has close call with unsafe driver
by Sara A. Gomez
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Mr. Delmar Parker, Director Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. 3891 Highway 281, Three Rivers, TX 78071

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter pursuant to an occurrence on Thursday, May 17, at approximately 4 p.m. The driver of your company vehicle, Texas license plate # BJO 9385, #094, decided to pass a group of vehicles headed east on Highway 59 about a mile or two before San Diego. The area is not only a ‘no passing zone’ under construction, but it was at an unsafe time due to oncoming traffic.

I was pressed for time, but deemed it unsafe to pass the fuel hauling 18 wheeler in front of me on a two lane road. Your company truck attempted to pass, not only my vehicle, but the 18 wheeler as well.

There was oncoming traffic and your vehicle had to swerve unsafely in front of mine in order to avoid hitting the oncoming vehicle head on. This caused me to brake to avoid hitting your vehicle and, as your vehicle braked, it discharged a large amount of gravel which hit my vehicle and windshield.

Let’s forget about my broken windshield which luckily did not shatter in my face and that I am financially able to repair on my own. I am thankfully alive after this incident, but think about the lives which could have been lost which are irreplaceable with any amount of money or your simple apology.

As I sit here drafting this letter, I am still shaking and thanking God, for not only taking care of my life but those of your company driver and the drivers of the oncoming vehicle and the 18 wheeler. Things could have turned out very differently.

I did call the number on the vehicle and spoke to a gentleman. I am still waiting for someone to return my call as the gentleman stated they would. The response to my concern was “it is road hazard, ma’am.” Let me say that the gravel in a construction area may have been a road hazard; however, the unsafe driving habits of the driver, is not simply a road hazard but a DANGER to society and innocent drivers like me. If you or your drivers wish to play Russian roulette with your lives, may I suggest doing it on your own terms and at a place where you do not jeopardize the lives of any innocent people. I understand that maybe time was of the essence; however, putting another person’s life at risk should never be an option!


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May 30, 2012
Report the date/time location company name and as much information as possible. You want to call or write to the Federal DOT Department of Transportation. Not TXDOT. I guarantee you if DOT gets a complaint the company will sit up and pay attention. The driver can and will get a ticket after the fact if you sign a deposition stating that you will show up in court.
June 03, 2012




WHAT HE SAID.. local law enforcment to worried about ELECTION year they ar NOT enforceing much.