by MiddleORoad
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Anyone that would use a picture of a animals anus to say it looks like Jesus is a low life. I know this person is too afraid to show me that picture in person.

Yep, people, I use the term loosely here, that make a big noise with words over the internet and won’t back up that noise are nothing really. No self respecting person would do such things.

What we all see here are multiple examples of what I am posting about. I am saying they are nothing but low lifes without the backbone of a snail.

I don’t keep company with these snot eaters and will not tolerate them.  This kind does not deserve the honor of my company.  I bet this person is a obese welfare fed egg sucking jackass. I know they are too afraid to prove me wrong. 

There are really only a few bloggers that come here to the back pages and Hellfire and Saltpork are the only ones with sense. The others do nothing but make lots of idle noise and try to convince themselves they make a difference in politics. All they do is copy and show how useless they are making no difference at all.

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