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 Bammies Changes
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Here are a few of obama's changes:

Gives permission for CIA drones to kill innocent civlians. 
Obama orders more drone attacks in first year than Bush did during his entire presidency. 
Escalated war in Afghanistan & Pakista.n
Obama's Afghan war chief linked to torture.

Names Monsanto lobbyist to key agriculture post.
No restitution to black farmers discriminated agains.

Drastically increased the number of 1099 forms small business will have to handle.
Named Goldman Sachs vice president as head of SEC's enforcement divison.
In bed with Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street barons.
Named five pro-RIAA lawyers to top Justice Department positions.
Created failed bank bailout.
Mishandled AIG bailout.

Secretary Duncan threatens to withold funds to states that refuse to privatize public schools.
Education secretary Duncan wants national education standards, for which there is no constitutional basis for federal government intrusion.
Argues for more charter schools.
Plans interference in local schools.
Educuation secretary Duncan wants to shorten student summer vacations and extend the school day.

Obama's Medicare-Social Security cazar supports rationing.
Named Social Security attacker Alan Simpson to be co-chair of debt commission.
Chose Peter Orszag, who favors cutting Social Security for those under 59, to be budget director.


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