BO' Diddy The P' Diddy of Politicians
by Saltpork
 Character, Integrity, Judgement
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There is much sickness in South Texas. 

Anger and confusion too.  Obama liberals just don't know which way to go and who to attack so they attack everyone.  Knowing he is weak in so many vital and necessary skills to manage the country they hope by attacking his critics attention will be diverted from his faults.

The comment below was left on my profile page back in October 2008.  Like many of you I pity this poor, confused Obama lover.  She doesn't know what to do with herself and obviously has plenty of time to try and figure it out.

Join me and say a prayer for her sanity.

ranchogirl2008 wrote on Wednesday, Oct 29 at 04:06 PM:
Salt Pork, You and all the lying Republicans digust me.As a christian woman it makes me sick to succumb to such stupidity of stupid people.Republicans have in been in the white Wash House 8yrs.and caca has been done.Our Nation is broke our Government is broke and you and all your neo-cons Republican deserve the Presidency.What has been done? caca,dont blame the Democrats they got democracy moving these past two years they have had control of congress. Give it a Rest already. the Republicans are Dog Poop .I bet you were one of those complaining of how Worthless President Bush Governered this Country.Republicans are ashamed of his stupidity, its not McSane you want its Lusty Palin. She is so ignorant to any policy the Republicans believe.As a political Science junkie I bet I know Government alot better than she does.This Fool of a woman you call Vice President I call a backstabber!!opportunist,liar and a manipulator.That kind of woman is one who sleeps with the devil,lies, cheats, kills, or steals to get where she wants to go, but of course you can't see that because the bottom of your head is up your butt.I went to school with girls like that and guess what? they wish they were as political as Me.Her politics is `Ol Boys Network" or haven't you listened to her twisted stump speeches. "Go kick against the Pricks" I bet you didnt read the bible did you?Ranchogirl2008 Desperate! Desperate! Desperate! "What a shame to vote McSame"

I would draw your attention to the comment, "As a christian woman."  Perhaps I have missed something.  Could someone tell me what kind of "christain" this is?

BO' Diddy has many liberal women confused.  They don't know whether to fall on their knees and greet him as the Messiah or prostrate themselves for the taking.  I doubt BO' Diddy would be interested in these old women one way or the other unless it is for their financial support and votes.  Most of them need to spend a little time with Chris Brown.

Four or five years from now I'll think of BO' Diddy as the Teleprompter President.  He sure loves his Teleprompter. 




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May 12, 2009

Salt Pork,you "ol'devil"

Thanks for posting that. I will not post your lack of knowledge of humanity post; it was I believe the result of why I lost my Christian sanity.. I believe we all who can really say are a child of God know we are forgiven.Thank God we aren't perfect just forgiven. Guess what? It is The devil who brings up ones sins or mistakes, but God throws each and every sin in the deepest ocean and removes them by the blood of Jesus Christ.Ranchogirl2008

May 08, 2009
Whats that, I feel a nibble on the line already?
May 08, 2009
Reality wears big boots. Democratic spending is likened to a teenager with their first credit card. Charge it! Daddy will pay. Charge it, it’s not real money. What the heck, I don’t have to pay, charge some more. When the card is near its limit, just call daddy, he will print more money. When the time comes, and it will be soon, to pay the bill there will be daddy beneath the reality’s (creditors) big boots. The weight of those big boots threading his existence brought on by sheer stupidity of the teen and the massive weight of unsecured debt. Obama was not elected, his supporters have admitted, it was the promise of change that wan the election. Change alright from the buying power of the dollar to the reality of penny’s in their place. What was can’t promise the health of daddy tomorrow. I realize that those you mention in your post will fail to understand this reply, I say “ let them eat cake”.

Well, two of them received a dose of reality recently, sped away in a bronze heap. I suspect their attacks will be limited to this blog in the future. HAVE A GOP DAY!!