Kickin' Back On A Caturday.
by DubiousForever
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A sharp claw is a happy claw.
A sharp claw is a happy claw.
It's the most wonderful time of the year...


The most important safety factor regarding natural Christmas trees is freshness. The higher the moisture content of the tree, the less likely it is to dry out and become a serious fire hazard.

The following tips will ensure you have the freshest—and the safest—tree possible:

• Select a tree with needles that do not pull easily from its branches or break when gently bent.

• Clean the tree stand with a mixture of one cup water and a capful of bleach.

• Re-cut the trunk diagonally one or two inches above the old cut and immediately place in water.

• Keep the water level in the tree stand above the cut line.

•Consider using a commercial floral preservative in the water.

• Place the tree away from heat sources, being careful not to block the exitways.

• Keep candles and other flames away from Christmas trees.

• Heaters should be turned down or off when leaving the house.

• Check tree lights carefully for damage.

• Do not leave tree lights on unattended.

• Remove the tree as soon as possible after the holidays.

• Never burn a tree in the fireplace or a woodstove.

• After the holidays, keep your tree in a secure location before collection day to prevent arson or vandalism.

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December 01, 2012
Oh noes, meow i'll have to be a gud kat dis month. lol!
December 01, 2012
T G I Caturday!