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RE: 2 blogs down...LOL
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April 28, 2012

HellFire | Less Than A Minute Ago

I know you are very upset and tremendously overwhelmed by my focus on you today, by just looking at your blogs.

You are once again forced to copy me due to lack of intellect. We all know that.

So to be fair, I'll give you a chance to catch up.

Thorin | 7 Minutes Ago

Somebody needs to get ready to go to the ratsnake, oops my bad, republican round-up at the expo center....


HellFire | 10 Minutes Ago

Obama eats dog, what's your take on that? LOL @ U!!!

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April 28, 2012
REPOST Before Delete:

HellFire | Less Than A Minute Ago

Why are you so upset about a dog being on the roof of a car when obama EATS dog? It's proven!!!

HellFire | 7 Minutes Ago

So when are you going to prove all the obammie lies obammie I have posted are false? LOL!!!

Awwwwww someone's feeling's are hurt,


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