Obama Lies Again (Obama Lies List Grows Every Day)
by HellFire
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Here are examples of obama in action in the below articles. Obama, the socialist liberal’s hero, mentor and god has continued to lie, betray and derogate America. Therefore defining what she and all who follow obammie boy are. If obammie boy had the Lincoln Memorial destroyed and replaced with karl marx statue, the socialist liberal would applaud.

Lies topics seem too have consumed the admitted communist socialist liberal as indicated by her latest plebian ramblings. No surprises as people love to stay with what they know best. As demonstrated by exposure of her using multiple names and lying constantly, lies and deception are her lair.

Obama has by far told and been caught in more lies that anyone occupying the presidential office. Obama has by far attacked the Constitution, subjected Americans to humiliation bowing and apologizing for this great countries history, than all before him.

Obamas actions are treasonous and should be treated as such.

The socialist liberal’s demands are comic as she has been humiliated for years on this blog as I am sure in real life situations. The servile socialist liberal states I lie about obamas record, Obama lied 7 times in under 2 minutes, explain those lies away socialist liberal. You can’t so continued whining and attacks upon me will ensue, as usual LOL!!! Prove me wrong, you can't. 

Obama is NOT worthy of leadership only of traitors justice.

I have shown proof the socialist liberal uses multiple names, lies ramped and is a typical low intelligent obama supporter.

This has caused the explosion of attacks and attempted deceptive maneuver to move the proven facts about her to accusation, attacks and childish demands upon this blogger. How comical and truthfully satisfying to see such groveling and desperation from the communist socialist liberal.

The pics are of obammie boys supporters  asking for obamacare to fix teethfusses and get an operation to fully be an abomination to God. 


Last week the nation watched as Governor Scott Walker survived a recall effort in Wisconsin. After thousands of union members and tens of millions of dollars tried to punish Walker for taking away public union bargaining rights, the Governor beat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by a greater margin than he did in 2010. Liberals and union members across the nation have been left with a feeling of betrayal and confusion. The comforting sound of President Obama’s voice from his campaign days ended up to be empty. Frustrated democrats have been asking each other “where was Obama?”. 
The President’s excuse was that he was too busy with his responsibilities as the President. When his schedule was examined the truth was discovered. On June 1st the President flew over Wisconsin to Minnesota to attend a few different fundraising events, then he flew back over Wisconsin to Chicago to attend several more. Apparently President Obama’s responsibilities are centered around his campaign. The words in the official White House press release detailing his schedule for that day states the reason for going to Minneapolis and Chicago as attending “campaign events”.

The betrayal has left thousands of liberals disillusioned and discouraged. Democrats are beginning to threaten that they won’t vote at all this November.

2007--Senator Obama crossed the country promising that his campaign, and administration would be the most transparent in history. He promised that he wouldn’t allow lobbyists in his staff, or money in his funds. That was in 2007, as it stands today the President has accepted millions of dollars from lobbyists and special interest groups. The President even took it one step farther by appointing many of those lobbyists into positions of power and influence. The President knows how to put together an attractive campaign, but when the time comes to act on those promises he falls short. Obamalies.net

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June 24, 2012
Oh, by the way I moved my boat today, to safe ground just in case debby does a u-turn.

I know all were concerned, so feel at ease. Thanks.
June 24, 2012
I see you insist on proving that you exist for my attention as you cannot stay off my blogs.

Also you violated user agreements AGAIN by posting a banned word.

Naughty, naughty lil communist socialist liberal!!!

As far as proving your lack of intellect, there is no video listed... LOL @ U!!!