Obama Lost In Latest Poll
by JustCountry
 Obama Lost In Latest Poll
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The latest Public Policy Polling shows South Dakota U.S. Senator John Thune as the only potential GOP candidate who could beat current President Obama in his home state of South Dakota.
With 1,045 people polled, the PPP results show Mr. Thune with 57 percent support compares to President Obama’s 37 percent.
The poll is latest to break down the upcoming presidential election by state. A similar poll finds South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint defeating Mr. Obama in South Carolina.
The series poll possibly indicates that this year’s presidential race will rely heavily on geographic differences amongst Republican Party candidates.
Mr. Thune continues to downplay any talk concerning a presidential run. The South Dakota Republican says he is still considering whether he will run, noting that his wife has objections.
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February 04, 2011
Why wouldn't I be interested in Beeville? I still have a connection to this town in the form of a man who was killed there, and the story I have written. As a screenplay is never finished until it's sold, your comments are valuable to me - local color I guess you might say. If I said I could care less about arguing with a bunch of rednecks from some little greasy spot in the road, would that make you feel better? I don't think so.

JB, you ask me to get over the whole multiple personality issue - I will when you stop bringing it up. I have positive proof that you and Hell are full of it and can't determine anything about anyone, or where the live or who they are. And I haven't read anything from any of you to counter MySouTex's statement. You want to continue to lie, go ahead, it's not a quality to be proud of.

Country- if you don't think I'm writing from California, then you're as pigheaded as the other two, and I don't mean that as a compliment.

I could give you my address or driver's license, or even my Social Security number, but I really don't think that's wise considering your hostility towards liberals.
February 04, 2011
Maybe you guys were busy writing the next rant about one person using multiple alias' and missed my post on ...eweww...Liberated Woman's blog.

I wrote MySouTex about this issue and here is the following response from the folks who run this site:

My Message:: I have a question regarding posting to the various blogs you provide. I always log in using my user name (laselva), yet, I have been accused of changing it dozens of times during a posting. Is it even possible to change my login name without literally having to go through the new password process? One of the individuals who posts frequently has even stated he's been able to discover the IP number I'm posting from. Is he trying to break in to your site and get information on his adversaries? Please advise or educate me on this. Thank you.

MySouTex response: I have not been able to determine where they come up with the idea that they can see IP addresses. Even if they could, most people don't have static IPs anyway.

Not sure if you can change login names. But what is common on commenting sites is that people will have several login names. Nothing can really be done to prevent this as all that is need is a valid e-mail address and those are easy to come by.

Wouldn't let some of those guys bother you. Just ignore them. If they make any threatening remarks please let us know and we will take care of it. By that I mean suspend them. 

We give political discussion some leeway as that is something people feel pretty strongly about. But threats we won't tolerate.

I have one email site that I use: Comcast.net Now, if you don't believe any of this I suggest you write them - you can even copy/paste my question for a true test.

I was thinking about Hell's constant BS about sentence structure, etc., and it reminded me of a conversation I had with my grandfather, who was an LA police detective. I asked him about looking for evidence to find the suspect innocent. He replied that they look for evidence to find the suspect guilty.

I think HF is trying to hard to be right about this and his judgement is clouded by hatred and ego. Hell, please recuse yourself.