Obama Takes Illegal Aliens Over Americans
by HellFire
 Obama Takes Illegal Aliens Over Aamericans
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On his first trip to the U.S.-Mexico border since becoming president, Obama boasted of increasing border patrol agents, nearing completion of a border fence, and screening more cargo. 
Obama also tailored his argument to the times, making his case for immigration reform in newly sharpened economic terms. He argued that the middle class would benefit from bringing illegal immigrants out of an underground economy and drawing on the abilities of immigrants educated in American universities. Republicans disputed Obama's contention that the border has been effectively secured and accused him of playing politics in pursuit of the ever-growing Hispanic electorate ahead of the 2012 election. With Republicans in control of the House, there's no longer any appetite on Capitol Hill for the comprehensive legislation Obama wants that would offer a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. 
The push comes as many Latino voters, believing that the president never made good on his campaign promise to tackle immigration laws in the first year of his presidency, want to see him do more. They want Obama not just to push legislation but to act unilaterally to slow some deportations, something he has refused to do. 
Obama's decision to abandon the legislative track for the public relations one is a bow to political realities. The president wasn't even able to get legislation through Congress last year that would have provided a route to legal status for college students and others who were brought to the country as children. The so-called DREAM Act passed the House, then controlled by Democrats, but was blocked by Senate Republicans. NPR.Org
Remember that one of the blograts posted the middle class (blue collar workers) are employers that created jobs, she like obammie is a fool.
With obama wanting those millions of illegal immigrants to become American’s and benefit the middle class, how does he explain that to the over 22% unemployed. These same millions of illegal aliens will be competing for the same jobs, benefits as the TRUE AMERICANS. 
Obama being an illegal alien would of course side with his kind.   


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