Obamacare Faces Extinction?
by HellFire
 Bye Bye Democrat Kitty
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Obamacare, opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans was forced down our throats by obama and crew.

Obama claims the majority wanted the healthcare nightmare which cannot be paid for by any stretch of imagination or democratic lie.

Well, what do you expect from the lying champion of any who has ever held the office of president...

As the Supreme Court hears litigation from both sides, hopefully a strike for Americans will result as the legislation born of treacherous beings will be crushed beneath the heel of justice.
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April 05, 2012
Fact remains obamacare is socialized medicine, which is against American ethics. Fact remains that millions have been spared serious medical problems, sickness and death by prescreening, Childish and uninformed thinking on your part.

Here once again we have you blograts standing for one thing one day and another the next.

I am not going to argue with any of you simply because your intellect is not capable of digesting information truthfully or accurately.

Sam points out that lw continues the endless lying tirades this time in relation to her employment. Employment that is fiction, unless being kept by Uncle Sam is employment.

Dubious still barking like a puppy and running for cover.

I deleted your comments; they were idiotic so get over it.

I see that I am being called a liar; no one has proven one thing I posted to be a lie. Sam has proven lw a liar, as others have often in the past.

I have relayed to samhill that any communication with the blograts is a waste of time unless considered amusement. Amusement that I enjoyed but grew tired of and welcomed the wise decision of the editors to put their nonsense on back pages where no one sees them.

Cat lovers are distinguished as shutins, weak minded, dependant on others and social outcasts. In totality we have all the above displayed readily by the blograts.

Now observe how obammie is crying that courts have no authority to strike down laws passed by Congress…what an American hating, traitorous lying muslim he is!

Here again a new name appears to agree with the blograts. How predictable the cretins are.
April 04, 2012
As much as you and many hate Obamacare, the fact remains that this country's health care system is a mess. With sickness and disease considered a commodity, what can one expect but fraud, waste, and huge profits for the medical community of insurance companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and specialists. The following report out today shows a partial reason why our system is broken, and I'm glad physicians are finally fighting back to reign in costs.

I quote: "Waste in the U.S. health care system is estimated to be as high as $850 billion a year, according to a 2009 Thomson Reuters report. For example, 44 percent of people between ages 40 and 60 told Consumer Reports in 2010 that they had received heart-disease screenings like electrocardiograms or "stress tests" despite having no symptoms and not being considered at risk for heart disease."

$800 billion a year in waste? Isn't that about the cost of Obamacare?
April 03, 2012
Great photo, and as misguided as this individual is, one has to applaud their effort to express their opinion. Although I have heard that gas-guzzling hearses and crematoriums will soon be outlawed as too polluting, and we'll all be turned into Soylent Green or Pink Slime.