Really? Reflections on the spandex speculators
by LiberatedWoman
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At a Tea Party near you...
At a Tea Party near you...

In the past months there has been some speculation by some of the other bloggers regarding my physical appearance and attire. 


Recently, a friend sent me this photo of another participant at a Tea Party rally.  Now I understand how the confusion could occur, especially for individuals with short-term memory disorders.

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April 15, 2011
Liberated Spandex-

I see you're now attacking the by-product of my daddy's business. This is true. I was raised in a bakery. When a loaf of bread came out of the oven misshapen, my dad would give me the entire loaf of fresh bread, which I would polish off before I got home.

As I was walking or riding my bike while eating, I did not turn into a Tea Party member or a Libertarian. Something to be said about exercising.

The sad fact is, is that this woman/man will end up costing the health industry or Medicare a small fortune when he/she ends up needing medical attention - which he/she will.

Do we allow the government to step in via one of their bureaucracies such as FDA to ban high sugar, high fat food, or when we discover that Sweet 'n Low sugar substitute, a diet product, explodes in calories once it comes in contact with sugar from other products. Have you ever noticed all the fat people with carts full of Diet-Pepsi? It is true that some government agencies have outlived their usefulness or never had any usefulness, and this is probably a good time to discuss eliminating or reducing some of them.

Years ago the makers of Sweet 'n Low were found out to be organized crime members who had contributed lots of money to the Rudy Guiliani campaigns. Hey, I'm just sayin'...