Shop At Home (Beware of thieves)
by Sua_Sponte
 Shop At Home
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We hear “shop at home” often which I hardly ever consider. Allow me to give all who read this some reasons to look locally for services.

For the last couple of days I spent a total of 19 hours sitting in a BRAKE CHECK waiting room in Corpus Christi.

The first located at 5618 SPID. There the “service manager” named Chuck told me that I needed new brake pads and rotors turned. I agreed to the diagnosis and the work was done at a cost of $659.00.

When I got my truck back there was a loud grinding sound and shimmering when I applied the brakes. I immediately returned to BRAKE CHECK where I was told my front hub bearings were going out and the pads needed time to break in. WHAT, I never heard of that but after all these are the experts. I came home to Beeville with the sounds getting worse and the brakes smelling like they were burning.

I took my truck to two local shops one did a test drive and told me no bearings were needed and it seemed like some brake issue but due to work load was not able to get to it until days later.

The second shop I took it to, Alaniz & Perez, test drove and took off the tires. I was told that the problem was brake related and no bearings or hubs needed replacing. I was also told that it looked like the rotors were recently cut and cut wrong but if they worked on anything I probably could not get it corrected by BRAKE CHECK.

I returned to the first Brake Check location where they insisted I needed calipers at a cost of $500 and that mechanics in small towns like Beeville don‘t know what they are doing. The calipers were replaced and the problem persisted. While waiting for them to look at my truck AGAIN I saw the service manager show an air filter to a lady and told her it was horrible and needed replacing or dirt would get into the engine. The filter was bright white and looked new. The lady said she had had it replaced a few weeks ago but the service manager got the mechanic and they both predicted doom and gloom if the filter was not replaced now.

Now I know what kind of THIEVES BRAKE CHECK people are.

I left the shop and went to the other BRAKE CHECK at 3921 SPID and had them look at my truck without telling they anything. The service manager told me that the rotors were cut wrong and the brake pads needed replacing. I asked the service manager if I really needed new calipers and he said with the mileage on my truck he seriously doubted it. Mind you the pads have just over 200 miles on them. I pulled out the receipts from the other brake check shop and told them to fix the problem and I was not gong to spend any more money. Four and a half hours later and phone calls to the other brake check shop I drove out with my truck operating as it should with new pads.

I called the first shop and told them they were a bunch of thieves and I was filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and who ever else would listen. The service manager said that don’t mean anything but we reached a refund agreement on the calipers.

Consider this Beeville-ians, both local shops I took my truck to knew what the problem was and DID NOT CHARGE to find it. Try doing that in Corpus Christi.

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