The AG has questions for Issa
by LiberatedWoman
 The AG has questions for Issa
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The attorney general should have questions for you!

1.      Are you worth almost half a billion dollars?

2.      Did you drop out of high school?

3.      Did you ever get your GED?

4.      Did you lie saying you were protection for President Nixon, and only told the truth after being caught at it?

5.      Were you ever alleged to have stolen a Dodge Charger in 1971?

6.      Were you arrested for stealing a Maserati?

7.      Were you arrested for concealing a Colt pistol and 44 rounds of ammunition for it in Ohio?

8.      Were you also arrested for concealing a tear gas gun and two rounds for it at the same time?

9.      Were you sentenced for six months’ probation and fined by making a deal with the prosecution?

10.   Is it true you told the police and the court that you carried these weapons to protect yourself?

11.   Did you later blame your brother for concealing those weapons to hide the original assertions you made were true?

12.   Were you again arrested for theft of a Mercedes Benz in 1980 because the police suspected you and your brother of insurance fraud?

13.   Did you again blame your brother William for that arrest in 2001?

14.   Tell me why your insurance company, in 1982 refused to pay your claim for a fire in your factory?

15.   Were you suspected of setting that fire in 1982 by either the police or your insurance company who refused to pay you fully for your claim?

16.   Did you, on the date of that fire, September 7, 1982 remove your computer an all company data from the factory office?

17.   How long before the fire did you quadruple the insurance coverage for that factory?

18.   You blamed your long term employee for stealing the inventory in that factory did you not?

19.   When you decided to enter politics after moving from Ohio to California did you retort to the media, “I don’t think thirty year old misdemeanors are fair play here”?

20.   Were all these prior arrests and allegations about misdemeanors; It seems to me these would be felonies?

21.   In September of last year American Family Voices filed an ethics complaint against you with the House Ethics Committee alleging you have packed your staff with people who might directly or indirectly benefit from you Chairmanship and that you also personally profit from your Chairmanship.  Was such a complaint filed?

22.   Finally, what has the Ethics Committee done about that complaint, and what have you done about it?
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July 06, 2012
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