The President Apologizes
by LiberatedWoman
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Let's see, over the past few days the President was touring the disaster areas in the South which the Republicans governors praised the assistance from FEMA, gave a commencement speech at Miami-Dade University, was on stand-by to attend the space shuttle launch, gave another speech at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner and signed the order to take out Osama bin Laden. 

On top of that Obama had to listen to whiny Weeper Boehner threaten not to hold a vote to raise the national debt ceiling thereby putting the USA in default and costing us hundreds of billions of dollars when the country's credit rating is lowered.  Lest we forget, Obama also had that whiny governor from Texas, the secessionist Governor Slickhair, complaining that he isn't getting enough federal resources to fight the grassfires in the state.

It's no wonder that he had to prioritize his to-do list, so he offers his sincere apologies to anyone that doubted that he is an AMERICAN CITIZEN.


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May 06, 2011
What about President Obama ordering the execution of an unarmed man and also trying to kill Gaddafi? Are those war crimes too or does war crimes only pertain to Republicans?

May 05, 2011
Hardhead is wrong when he states (Where'd he go LW?), that Obama's Bush-like activities are the sign of a weak Liberal. These activities are what's got a lot of Liberals angry at Obama because they are too much like Bush's policies, and not Liberal at all.

The torture line and its importance at finding Bin Laden is pure BS, and I only wish the right side of this blog would read opinions from experts who have stated categorically that torture doesn't produce any meaningful information. I most recently heard this statement from an ex-commander of the Seals SERE program (You've heard SERE before on this site form HF and Mr. Box). Doesn't work - 'nuff said.

Just to state quickly - the $250,000 a year salary is "Net," not gross. As one who writes off as much income as possible, a $250,000 yearly net income is more like a $1 million dollar a year "Gross" income. Some multi-millionaires don't pay a penny in income tax.

I only have to look back fondly to the good old days when neighborhoods were safe, and schools were in good condition. Dad had a union job, and mom got to stay home and watch the kids because living expenses were less. That was when the richest 10% were taxed close to 90% of their income (gross). And you know what happened to those rich folks after paying those taxes - they were still rich.
May 05, 2011
Its good to see a liberal president do whats right but I can't stand a politician that runs for office campaigning against his opponents ideas and techniques but then uses them when he gets in office and never changes them.

For example: The Guantanamo Bay detention camp; interrogation techniques; in 2006 voted against raising the debt limit now wants it; flipping on NAFTA; campaigned against "torture" but assassinates Osama and trying to assassinate dictators; against Iraq war but now fights Libya; mocks Bush's exit strategy but has none for Libya or Afghanistan; campaigned against spending but spends even more; promised not to unilaterally change or nullify laws but did with his recent signing statement on the anti-czars provision of the budget compromise; etc. etc. the list goes on.

What ever happened to the soldier body count that came out daily on libs news stations while Bush was in office?

Where is all the talk about Iraq?

Everything sure got quiet.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.
May 05, 2011
Yes lw more of hf moronic dribble.It has been reported on major news networks that Rumsfeld did indeed call of the mission in tora bora.Oh I see rudy is going to be at the world trade center site with PRESIDENT OBAMA today.Rudys speech is a noun a verb and 9/11.