The Three Big Lies Romney told Ohio
by LiberatedWoman
 The Three Big Lies Romney told Ohio
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The fundamental base of Romney’s argument against Obama’s handling  of the economy are built on lies.  These are not differences of opinion or two different ways of looking at the same thing. Real, bonafide, ‘Google it and find a different set of facts’ lies.   These lies are supported by a foundation of mischaracterizations or by intentionally failing to mention the obvious.  The stunning thing about this is that there are legitimate differences Romney could use, but he has decided to use deception instead.

1. “Obama has not created jobs”

Yes, he actually said this.  His intention was to leave the distinct impression that during Obama’s time in office, jobs have only been lost and none created.  How does this compare to reality?

We have to remember that in total, over 8 million jobs were lost during the Great Recession.  During Obama’s time in office, 4 million private sector jobs have been created.  There have been 24 months of consecutive job gains in the private sector.  Was Romney telling the truth? No, he was lying.

He could have said the there has not been enough job creation – but he didn’t.  If he had he would have been expressing an opinion which would have made it an honest statement.  He did not.

2. “Obama has made it more difficult for companies to hire.”

How exactly?  By lowering taxes for small businesses (several times), trying to get the Republicans to work with him on a plan to lower the corporate tax rate or slowing the rate of new regulations?

  • Obama has signed into law FEWER regulations than Bush.
  • Obama has passed over 20 small business tax breaks since 09.
  • Obama put a plan to lower the corporate tax rate on the table but it was shot down by Republicans because it closed many corporate loop holes.

More lies, more deceptions.

3. “The stimulus didn’t work.”

This is a great GOP line, but is it true?  Not if you ask economists.  Economists all agree that the money pumped into the economy from the Recovery Act not only kept us from sliding into a depression, but it also halted the loss of millions and spurred the creation of millions of others.

One example – the auto industry.  While Romney was writing his Op Ed entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” Obama decided to save the industry.  President Obama’s decision to rescue the American auto industry has paid off, saving more than 1 million jobs and adding 230,000 new jobs since June 2009—the most growth in a decade.

In short, Romney is proving yet again that he is fundamentally dishonest and that he is willing to say anything to anybody (even if he said something different yesterday) in order to get elected.

Finally, 8% unemployment – what is the significance?  Nothing.  Republicans love to mention this number like it has some kind of relevance.  It was mentioned by the Obama team as a goal BEFORE the full extent of the recession was know. In other words, the Obama team underestimate the devastating effects of the Bush Administrations financial collapse.

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