Where are you from? Let it Bee
by Chip_Latcham
 Off the old block
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For too many years to count, most out-of-towners, and particularly people who live out of state, have stared at us incredulously when told where we reside.

“B-ville, Texas? Is that short for Brownsville?” has been a popular response.

Numerous deliveries and repair orders have been sent to Bellville, probably because of its proximity to Houston, by mistake.

Then there are those who assume that we are named for the “killer bees” or are the home of giant colonies of plant pollinators and honey collectors.

That would bee close to the truth but not entirely accurate.

There are several beekeepers in the area, taking advantage of the warm weather and native vegetation to produce delightful guajillo honey.

And, unfortunately, we have recorded several instances of killer bee attacks or incidents, the most recent in last weekend’s edition when we reported the Mannings’ home near Mineral had been invaded by the swarming insects.

Yet, that would bee flying to conclusions and spraying misinformation to a bumbling public.

Lest we drone on... we wish to set the record straight.

Bee County, and Beeville, the county seat, actually were named for Barnard Elliott Bee Sr., who lived from 1787 to 1854. He was an attorney, ambassador, soldier and statesman during the Republic of Texas era.

Bee was a native of South Carolina and was a contemporary of William B. Travis, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, Mirabeau B. Lamar and Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Yes, modern history students, that occurred long before World War II, way back when Texas won its independence from the British, or was it France?

If you want to learn more, plan to attend the Bee County Historical Commission’s Texas Historical Marker dedication ceremony honoring Bee on Thursday, April 21, at 10:30 a.m. on the north lawn of the Bee County Courthouse.

The guest speaker will be Daniel Bee, a descendant of the Bee family and real estate broker from San Antonio. Refreshments will be served following the ceremony in the second floor courtroom. We don’t know whether honey will be on the menu.

Surprisingly though, when traveling to faraway places, it’s amazing how often we will run into someone who either used to live in Beeville (often stationed with the Navy at the former Chase Field base), or knows someone (a relative or friend) who resides or resided here.

Perhaps, in the future, more people will know of us because of the presence of the TDCJ, Sikorsky, Eagle Ford Shale discovery or the Texas Mile.

It would be great to be recognized for something other than queens, hives and stingers.




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