Will & Kate plus billions
by Chip_Latcham
 Off the old block
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Did you wake up at 3 a.m. Friday to watch the royal wedding?

Me neither.

I’m sorry but I just don’t understand all the hoopla about Prince William and Kate’s fancy and formal nuptials in London.

Certainly, many women (and men as well) were excited about viewing the wedding of the century.

I read where many were planning to watch the carriage and marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey with their children, just as they had done with their parents when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were wed. 

I just hope they set their DVRs this time around.

Hardly anything is worth watching at that wretched hour in the morning. 

The last time I remember getting out of bed to watch a prime-time news event was the first man on the moon.

Now that was really worth it. 

Even though it was a grainy picture on a small black-and-white screen.

Don’t laugh. I used to listen to phonograph records and played 8-track tapes, too.

Hopelessly old school.

Certainly, there are times I’ve turned the TV on late in the night or early morning to watch a sports event or presidential election returns. Though, I usually fell back to sleep immediately.

But getting out of bed at 3 a.m.? Give me a break.

I understand this is a rare story worth covering because it’s a true-to-life fairy tale in which the commoner, a beautiful young girl, marries her handsome prince.

And I certainly don’t wish any misfortune to the young royal couple. But all that pomp and pageantry, and all the riches at Buckingham Palace, do not guarantee a successful marriage. Hope theirs turns out much better than his mother’s to Charles.

But really, folks, let’s keep it in perspective. This is not really that consequential, worth 24/7 coverage with the TV news anchors flying over to London. Nothing like what the poor families are suffering through following the devastating tornadoes that swept across the southern U.S. this week.

This is simply escapism, pure fantasy.

And for those who wish America had royalty, be careful what you wish for... Don’t you remember we fought a war some 235 years ago to gain our freedoms from quirky decisions by kings and queens?

Yet, some believe that President Obama, with his handling of the economy, plunging approval numbers and contemptuous views of the people in the heartland, may have designs on returning the U.S. to sovereign rule... whether his place of origin was Kenya, Indonesia or Oahu.

Others would not trust his current rival, Donald Trump, seeing him as a leader who probably would just as soon fire all his detractors. And judging by his hairstyle and recent remarks, his birthplace could have been Mars.

Yes, I believe royalty belongs in jolly old England. No need to return to that foreign lifestyle, tea and scones, funny accents.

It’s a great place to visit, but, c’mon, we’ve already experienced the Beatles, Stones and Elton John.

Then again, why shouldn’t the Brits celebrate? It’s much better than reading and hearing the latest about Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

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