Can schools be absolutely safe?
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There has been a lot media coverage of the school shooting in Connecticut, and maybe that is the problem. Before television, if there were school shootings, we never heard about it. If there was something in the papers, it would be days later. Each shooting seems to be worse than the one before. Copycats trying to outdo the other. Maybe, if there was not so much coverage, these crazies might stay at home.

Making a school absolutely safe is almost impossible. Are we to surround the school with razor wire and have guard towers to keep everyone out? That might work.

A determined individual armed with even a single shot rifle or a revolver can still do a lot of killing before the police get there. Remember, the school is a gun-free zone.

If the teacher that first confronted the killer in Connecticut had been armed and came at him shooting, perhaps she could have stopped him. Remember, the officer here in Beeville said that the police can be at the school in three minutes. That is after the police have been called. How many shots can be fired before someone calls, and then they have three minutes more. Maybe our teachers should have police training and be allowed to carry a gun.

Edwin Wallek, Jr.
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December 26, 2012
Let's take this one at a time...

Restrictions on the First Amendment to bolster the Second Amendment.

Make schools prisons.

A single-shot rifle or a revolver IS (NOT) THE SAME as a semi-automatic with 2 thirty round clips.

To be a teacher one must have police training and carry a gun.

That is a whole lot of REGULATIONS from the GOVERNMENT. Fortunately, the folks here are a bit more sane when it comes to guns. A lunatic or escaped prisoner has a very small chance against the local law enforcement or Bee County's armed civilians.

So, how do we stop the lunatics from getting assault weapons (WMD's)? It's probably going to take some kind of regulation...suggestions?
December 26, 2012
But I thought that teachers were UNION THUGS and now someone wants them armed? (Sarcasm alert)

The idea from the NRA about having armed guards at every school also is a FAIL. Think how it easy it will be to set up a "police state" if you indoctrinate the citizens to become accustomed to having every movement monitored from the time they enter kindergarten? In addition, the NRA is unwilling to implement a tax on either the weapons or ammo to fund the proposal.
December 26, 2012
BTW, I do not personally consider an AR-15 to be a WMD until it is loaded with a full 30 round clip and has a loaded backup. See the difference?

December 27, 2012
Teachers packing heat, Mr. Wallek? Is this the type of philosophy you want to instill in our young people? They have precious few innocent years as it is, and now you are advocating that educators, who play a major role in a child's formative years, set an example that the only means of protecting one's self is with a gun? Might as well offer a few combat classes to go with it so we can train more killers. Your idea would be pouring gas on a fire that is almost burning out of control.