County educational requirements
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This letter is in reference to Commissioners Court meeting dated Oct. 22 item #20: Discussion and action to consider waiving educational requirements for Bee County maintenance and custodian positions.

If we waive educational requirements for one person, what will be next? I believe educational requirements are essential for an informed staff. If a person cannot read and write English, what is the liability to the county if that employee gets hurt or blinded or even dies?

I leave it up to you, the taxpayers and the readers of this newspaper, to let your commissioners know what you think.

Joe Masturzo

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October 25, 2012
While I understand your concern about education being very necessary in today's work environment, I think it is EXTREMELY ignorant of you to insinuate that because someone does not have a GED/High school diploma that they cannot read or write! I know alot of people with those certificates that can't read or write. My mother only got thru 7th grade due to family circumstance and I can guarantee you that she could read and write you under the table! I think the commissioner who made the motion to consider the change to allow such an employee to fill the position has the right idea! Mr. Masturzo I think you need to wake up and realize there are even elected officials who were elected that DO NOT have these requirements.