Criminals in our midst
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We live in an area of Texas with an excellent Wildlife Management and Control. I ask the local agent to arrest the degenerates I describe below.

I appreciate that wildlife i.e., deer, dove, ducks et al require a paid license (which aids wildlife conservation) and permission to hunt the wildlife on private property. Not only is this legal but it also provides needed unadulterated protein to the local population. As many of us know much of the commercial protein we ingest is loaded with antibiotics and steroids (that’s right, steroids which contribute to obesity and other serious health issues). And so we hunt, or our husbands, brothers or sons hunt. We eat what we’ve hunted. Along with the passion to procure protein we support maintenance of our beautiful natural environment.

This maintenance includes fighting against the dumping of hazardous chemicals such as the combination of naphthalene plus dichlorobenzene anywhere which wildlife or cattle might eat such poisonous materials illegally dumped on private property. The recent illegal distribution of large amounts of deadly moth balls in area surrounding deer feeders is not only illegal but also a direct act of cruelty to animals both domestic and wild. Mothballs are a neurotoxin. Not only highly toxic but will cause serious illness or death. They have a sweet taste which deer, cattle, dogs and horses enjoy. What sort of sadistic miscreant would choose to torture our stock and wild life? I am against animal cruelty. Especially when practiced by the ignorant self-righteous “activists”.

Add to this desecration which poisons these animals let’s think of the contamination of soil and water to humans? I personally prefer my water sans mouth balls. What we have here are trespassers, poisonous substance polluters (which include deliberate animal cruelty) and property damagers. Yes, you read that correctly. Property damage is a crime.

How much property damage are we talking about? Well, you know that answer if you’ve purchased a deer feeder and blind. So now who will pay for these recent crimes? It should be those who have left their printed advertisements as a future warning. Yes, they plan to revisit the scene of the crime and I hope we catch them when they trespass again.

Good Hunting My Brethren.

Therese Harrington
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