Didn’t know I had to answer to God
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Re: Bob Thomas and Meta Sparks about decision 2012. I thought this were the democratic United States of America. That every four years people went to the polls and voted for your party and someone won and somebody lost, and if you didn’t win, we tried harder and tried to win the next time and that was that. I didn’t know that because I am a Democrat and Obama won, that I had to answer to God about the way I voted!

Who do Republicans answer too? The Virgin Mary? The problem is Republicans think they always have to be in power and if they are not, they cry like babies. They have been trying to figure out what went wrong? O’Riley, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Huckabee are all scratching their heads and the answer is a no brainer.

People were not buying what Romney was selling. He talked about creating jobs about reducing the deficit and closing loop holes and every time he was asked how he was going to do it - he had no answer, just mumble jumble.

The other in the minority vote. The blacks and Hispanics, the biggest multiplying ethnic groups, and the Republicans think they can do it without them. Well they are the ones who pushed Obama over the hump.

The Tea Party and the other ethnic group have 4 more years of whining to do.

Ignacio Casarez
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