Goliad Pharmacy manager responds to Nov. 28 letter
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Dear Editor,

I am the manager of Goliad Pharmacy (one of the employees to whom Mr. Von Dohlen referred in his letter to the editor in last week’s newspaper). I welcome anyone and everyone into our beautiful new store, where we strive to provide the best prescription drug service possible to our community, and work very hard to establish a unique and inviting atmosphere with our décor and gifts for everyone.

I was personally offended by the misleading statements Mr. Von Dohlen made toward the owners and employees of the establishment for which I am proud to work.

In his letter, Mr. Von Dohlen states that he decided to end his lease with us when the majority owners of Goliad Pharmacy insisted on stocking and dispensing certain medicines that end innocent human life. He refers to the Morning After Pill, Ella (similar to RU486) and Depo-Provera.

We do not, nor have we ever carried Ella (similar to RU486). Depo-Provera is a drug used as a contraceptive and also used to treat endometriosis and must be administered through injection by a physician. According to The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc., patients are advised when using this medication that if there is an existing pregnancy, it could harm an existing fetus, as could a numerous amount of medications on the market.

The Morning After Pill (also known as Plan B One-Step) works in a similar way to birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, and is not effective in terminating an existing pregnancy. The makers of Plan B suggest not using the pill if pregnancy already exists because it will not work.

It is unfortunate that many drugs on the market, including chemotherapy drugs, have dangerous consequences and side effects, but people have the right to choose to fight their cancer with these drugs in hopes that it will save their lives.

It is unfortunate that Tylenol is known to cause liver damage, but we have the choice to take it when we have a headache or a fever.

Please be assured that we go to great lengths, having the most up-to-date computer software available, and train our staff to take all the measures in place so that our customers are aware of any potential and harmful side effects of any kind, including, and especially, something that would be harmful to a pregnancy.

Mr. Von Dohlen stated in his “People of Goliad County” article that it is his deeply held belief that it is wrong to purposely end an innocent human life and he asked for the people of Goliad to join him in standing up for the right to life of unborn children by letting the owners and employees of Goliad Pharmacy know how they feel, and ask them not to sell such products.

As a Christian myself, I also believe it is wrong to end a human life, so rest assured there is no need for members of the community to stand up to me and fight for the right to life of unborn children.

Webster’s definition of pharmacy is “The art or practice of preparing and preserving drugs, and of compounding and dispensing medicines according to prescriptions of physicians.”

Our Goliad Pharmacy is vital to our community and every one of our employees has worked above and beyond, going to extreme measures, through countless hours over the last few weeks to move from our old location, to the new one, to assure that we are here to continue to provide for a safe and healthy Goliad. My hope is that this community will support our efforts and our business, and know that we are here for you.

Kristy von Dohlen
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