Holt named Coach of the Year
by Tim Delaney, Progress Editor
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Contributed photo
George West head coach Tim Holt discusses some strategy with his coaching staff during one of the Class 2A District 15 games.
Contributed photo George West head coach Tim Holt discusses some strategy with his coaching staff during one of the Class 2A District 15 games.
GEORGE WEST — George West High School head coach Tim Holt was named Coach of the Year in classification 2A District 15. Holt said coaches who win in their district are usually given that honor.

And that means Holt has been named coach of the year in his district frequently.

Holt returned to George West six years ago and was offensive coordinator for then head coach Davenport for a year.

He said he came back because “my own kids wanted to come back and graduate with their class.”

“I have been back as the head coach for four years,” he said.

But, even before that, he had been in George West as head coach from 1993 to 1998.

The team then chalked up a 45-15 record.

“We lost our first district game, and five years later lost our last one.”

Holt left in 1998. He had three head coaching jobs over nine years.

“So, I was here five years as head coach the first time, and I have been here four years the second time (out of six we have been back). Over nine years as head coach, we have been 81-26,” he said.

As head coach, he had three quarterfinal teams, seven district titles and nine playoff teams.

Holt said his players this past season were “not all that big, but they were physically the strongest George West team we have had.”

He said the players began lifting PVC pipe and light weights in the 7th grade.

“They really worked hare on speed development drills. They lifted year round except on game days four or five days a week during football season. So, as the season went on, we were stronger relative to other teams that don’t emphasize weights,” he said.

He pointed out that 99 percent of the players didn’t specialize.

“The same kids who had this football record went to the playoffs in basketball, in baseball and in track – and some in golf, as well,” he said.

Holt reflected on George West’s district game loss to Jourdanton a year ago, 43-36.

“It has been our only district loss in the last five years,” he said.

“I feel that if we had a little more time, that we should’ve won that one too. Yes, we started with this group of seniors when they were in the 7th grade. I think that is important,” Holt said.

“There are so many transitions happening for these kids from junior high to high school, that I feel it makes it easier on the kids if they know who you are as a head coach, and if they know what to expect from you personally,” he added.

Holt said if the players learn the operational terms early in the 7th and 8th grades, there is a lot less to teach in high school to get them ready.

“I also believe that if you get a young man early, you have a chance to instill a love for sports and a sense of commitment in them,” he said. “It is tougher once they are older and have bad habits. If a great work ethic and self-discipline is all they are brought up with from the beginning, that is all they will expect from you.”

Holt also praised his coaching staff, calling them really good men whose consistency in teaching paid off with the team.

“We had a group of seniors this year who bought in to what we were trying to do,” he said. Ninety percent of those kids made it a priority to do what we asked of them, and they cared about each other.”

Holt said the seniors were a close bunch of kids who cared about each other.

“They are one of those groups who will be close when they are 50 years old,” he said.

Holt said the team did well although all of them wanted more.

“We certainly wanted to go further than we did, and might have, but I could not of asked more of our senior leaders. Our two top team captains by team vote were Bobby Torres and Brady Jones, and they did exactly what they were supposed to,” he said.

Looking back, Holt said the seniors worked hard from the beginning of off-season to the end of the season. He said some of the group also went through some adversity.

“We barely started practice when last year’s offensive player of the year and one of our team captains (Bobby Torres) broke his foot while we were still in shorts while catching a punt. We did not have him until district play,” Holt said.

“Senior Lucas Barcak played great at tailback in his absence and showed a lot of leadership. During one of our first scrimmages, we lost Michael Palacios to an ACL tear. Mike is one of those kids I saw as an up and coming linebacker – out for the season,” Holt said.

“Then, Brady Jones, while in the process of beating a very physically tough Marion team, tore his ACL. We did not know it at the time, but he came back and finished the game on it,” he said.

Holt said Brady five weeks later taped up his knee and played in the last two games, including the district championship game in Luling. During that game, Brady made 11 tackles.

“Brady Jones showed that he was one of the best leaders and competitors George West has had, and when he went down, Andrew Katsfey showed his metal. He did a great job of going from his starting fullback position to quarterback, and we never missed a beat in district play,” Holt said.

Holt said there were other great acts of leadership.

“Senior Guard Robert Rutledge had a shoulder that would come out of place in every game – very painful – but he would roll it back in and just keep going. Robert is one of those great, over-achieving kids that it simply meant a lot to, and he played like it. We could not have done it without him,” Holt said.

Despite never having a fully healthy team on the field at one time, the team kept playing.

“In the end, we needed another foot,” Holt said.

He also noted that the core leaders of the team were academically smart.

“A lot of our kids had GPAs of more than 95 percent,” he said.

“They made choices not to get distracted from where they were trying to go as a team, and I am proud of them for that,” he said.

Holt said the players got the coaches’ message that it was important to be good students and become great people.

“That is what I hope they take away from their experience on this team. Heck, if you have a lot of smart, good kids, who care about each other, who make good choices and work hard, the football part is easy,” he said.

“They were all of those things. It was an honor and a blessing to coach them and to coach in George West. I want to thank the parents for allowing me to coach your kids,” Holt said.

Here are the All District 15, Class 2A, team members from George West:

MVP – Seniors Brady Jones, Bobby Torres of George West (unanimous).

Coach of the Year – Tim Holt George West.

Offense-First Team

Halfback – Senior Hudson Wallace of George West (unanimous).

Fullback – Senior Enrique Nieto of George West (unanimous).

Wide Receiver – Senior Joseph Feist of George West.

Tight End – Junior Trae Smith of George West (unanimous).

Center – Senior Quest Newberry of George West (unanimous).

Guard – Senior Jessie Haros of George West.

Tackle – Junior Eli Garcia of George West, (unanimous).

Defense-First Team

Defensive Tackle – Senior Anderson Daniels of George West (unanimous).

Defensive End – Senior Enrique Nieto of George West (unanimous).

Inside Linebacker –Senior Jessie Haros of George West (unanimous).

Outside Linebacker – Senior Lukas Barcak of George West (unanimous).

Secondary-Corner –Senior Hudson Wallace of George West.

Junior Avery Pawelek, of George West.

Junior Josie Blevins of George West (unanimous).

Offense-Second Team

Quarterback – Senior Andrew Katzfey of George West.

Halfback – Senior Lukas Barcak of George West.

Guard – Senior Robert Rutledge of George West.

Tackle – Senior Bryan Chesser of George West.

Kicker – Senior Jessie Haros of George West.

Defense-Second Team

Defensive Tackle – Junior Matt Grimaldo of George West.

Defensive End – Senior Quest Newberry of George West.

Inside Linebacker –Senior Zack Moreno of George West.

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