More than one fatality
by Arnold Macias Bayside
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I have lived in Bayside seven years. I drive the speed limit while going around the curve at the slough where there was a recent fatality.

Cars/trucks pass me on the curve, crossing the middle line of the highway where the guard rails are, taking a risk of meeting another oncoming car.

I moved over as close to the guard rail as possible, thinking all three vehicles were going to crash. Luckily, we never crashed.

This has happened to me several times. I do not know why people drive recklessly going around that curve. In last week’s letters to the editor, Billy Fricks failed to mention that about one year ago, another woman was fatally killed without the guard rails.

Fricks said, in his letter to the editor in the past before the guard rails were placed, there were no fatalities. In another accident, my brother-in-law was with me when I witnessed a white truck out in the slough. The driver failed to stay on the highway and lost control of that particular white pick-up truck!

A winch truck was pulling the white truck. This happened, before the guard rails were placed around the curve where the sloughs are.

Fricks mentioned that law enforcement is stopping traffic. Very true, because law enforcement has the right to control speeding motorists. About three months ago there were about 50 citations issued by law enforcement.

One motorist was issued a citation for traveling 105 mph through the town of Bayside on Hwy 136.

Ask Fricks what the speed limit is going through the town of Bayside.

People need to 1) obey state law, road signs 2) drive the speed limit 3) drive friendly to share the road.

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