Nursing home residents wait for a visit
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Yesterday afternoon, we visited a local nursing home, where my mom has had to move because we could no longer take care of her. For weeks now, and as we went through the lobby after dinner, I have thought how nice, the patients are whom I come here to visit. I’ve even wished my mom was up to going outside with them so she could make some new friends. She has the sweetest roommate who wheels herself back to their room after dinner to freshen up her make-up, then leaves with the biggest smile on her dear little face.

Last night, she came back with tears silently falling down her face. She couldn’t even talk to us. She just wheeled herself to her bed, kept her back to us and sat with her shoulder shaking. My mom reached over and patted her shoulder and asked if she wanted to go to bed. She shook her head yes, so Mom used the call button. Then she had me pull the curtain between their beds so she could have some privacy.

My “aha” moment came when we walked back out after our daily visit and saw the patients still sitting and waiting. I don’t know how many times I have thought I would just skip that visit because I was tired or there were dishes or a TV show I didn’t want to miss (how silly – goodness knows there are reruns). I figure that is just normal. But I am very glad I haven’t given into any of that. Especially now that it had dawned on me how many are waiting for someone they love to come in.

I am certain this isn’t an isolated situation peculiar to my mom’s nursing home. I know you are busy, but maybe you could get together with other in-town family members and work out a schedule. Please don’t leave them waiting. Go visit.

Mary Hammers

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