RHS recognizes student achievement at banquet
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The senior recipients of the Academic excellence awards include Marina Gonzales, Alicia Canchola, Dante Leal, Robert Loredo, Justin Franklin, Alexis Lynn, Jarred Conteras, Meriah Murillo, Carolina Palomino, Justin Padilla, Meagan Shaw, Isiais Silva, Thomas Ramirez, Danielle Varela and Shiloh Whetsel.
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REFUGIO — Refugio High School presented its academic awards during an assembly on Thursday, April 19.

The President’s Award for Academic Achievement was awarded to seniors Jacob Heryford and Carolina Palomino, who accumulated a 90 or above grade point average and scored in the top 15 percent of the nation in one of the tested subject areas of the SAT or ACT.

Academic excellence awards

To receive an Academic Excellence award students must be enrolled in courses, which meet the advanced high school program, with an average of 90.0 or better in the first, second, third and fourth six weeks.


Joe Richard Castellano Jr., Ally Coscetti, Hai-Lee Koonce, H.C. Neel, Derek Ressmann, Sarah Riemenschneider, John Snyder, Katie Snyder, Rylie Villarreal, Ryan Whitehead, Hailei Williams, Kaitlyn Williams, Felicia Wills and Tanner Wright.


Kalynn Abila, Claire Blaschke, Johnathan Brown, Marquis Brown, Ashley Camacho, Alexis Coronado, Darrin Deleon, Jackie Gonzales, Kenzie Herring, Shane Jochetz, Morgan Klaevemann, Dalton Klare, Carley Koonce, Jim Lafond, Cameron Loveday, Courtney Myers, Mercedes Perez, Laterrian Perkins, Travis Quintanilla, McKayla Ramos, Hannah Rose and Roslyne Tyler.


Travis Anzaldua, Cecilia Bauer, Courtney Breeden, Colton Carroll, Buster Dodge, Irene Gallegos, Jack Gumm, Lexy Hawthorne, Jake Henderson, Jessica Heryford, Coral Jones, Marcela Leal, Logan Myers, Nina Rodriguez, Lacey Sanders, Paige Shay, John Wes Shipp, Jacob Solis, Cameron Sternadel, Alex Valdez and Malaise Williams.


Jason Amaro, Alicia Canchola, Jarred Contreras, Celena Dodson, Justin Franklin, Catherine Fuller, Marina Gonzales, Lynx Hawthorne, Jake Heryford, Dante Leal, Roberto Loredo, Alexis Lynn, Meraiah Murillo, Justin Padilla, Carolina Palomino, Thomas Ramirez, Megan Shaw, Isaias Silva, Brandon Thompson, Richard Tuttle, Danielle Varela and Shiloh Whetsel.

District UIL

Carolina Palomino was recognized and received the University Interscholastic League Award of Excellence.

The UIL Academic District participants in journalism include H. C. Neel, Nina Rodriguez, Hannah Rose, and Kenzie Herring, substitute, in editorial writing; Kenzie Herring Dalton Klare, Hannah Rose and Coral Jones, substitute, news writing; Dalton Klare, Coral Jones, H.C. Neel and Hannah Rose, substitute, headline writing; Dalton Klare, Hannah Rose and H.C. Neel, feature writing; Paige Shay, prose interpretation; Claire Blaschke, Katie Snyder and Kenzie Herring, spelling and vocabulary; Paige Shay, Kenzie Herring, Jessi Heryford, ready writing; Carolina Palomino, Coral Jones, Nina Rodriguez, literary criticism.

In current events, participants are Cameron Sternadel, Brett Davis and Colton Carroll, current issues and events; Carolina Palomino, Lincoln Douglas Debate.

Mathematics participants include Hannah Rose, Alexis Coronado, Alexis Lynn, Buster Dodge, number sense; Hannah Rose and Cecilia Bauer, calculator applications, Coral Jones, Tanner Wright, John Joseph Snyder and Dalton Klare, computer science; Coral Jones, Marcela Leal and Paige Shay, mathematics.

Other participants are Cameron Sternadel, Marcela Leal and Ryan Whitehead, science; Hannah Rose and Alexis Coronado, computer applications; Cameron Sternadel and Ryan Whitehead, social studies.

The One-Act Play, Paganini by Don Nigro, Samuel French, Inc. (1965) was directed by Mary Heryford and Terrie Kendall.

The cast and crew consists of Dalton Klare, Paige Shay, Ryan Whitehead, Kenzie Herring, Nina Rodriguez, Jessi Heryford, Coral Jones, Thomas Ramirez, Jake Henderson, Felicia WIlls, Raeven Barraza and Colton Carroll.

The technical crew members are Aaron Fellers, Alexis Coronado, Sarsh Riemenschneider, Hai-Lee Koonce and Priscilla Lara.

The alternates are Tanner Wright, Katie Snyder and Courtney Myers.

Class awards

Recipients of the class awards are Michael Barraza, English I; Claire Blaschke, English II; Jake Henderson, English III; Marina Gonzales, English IV; Katie Snyder, English I Honors; Kenzie Herring, English II Honors; Nina Rodriguez, English AP.

Jaque Castellano received the Arts Award; Dalton Klare, Theater Arts; Celena Dodson, Practical Writing; Carley Koonce, Health; Malcolm Franklin, Math Models; H. C. Neel, Geometry;John Joseph Snyder, Algebra I; Carolina Palomina, Special Topics Math; Malaise Williams, Algebra II; Hannah Rose, Algebra II Honors; Cecilia Bauer, Pre-Calculus; Richard Tuttle, Calculus; Computer Science I; Tanner Wright, Computer Science I; Coral Jones, Computer Science II; Coral Jones, Physics; Megan Shaw, Anatomy & Physiology Biology; Marcela Leal, Chemistry; Jake Heryford, Biology AP; Joe Richard Castellano, Biology; Thomas Ramirez, Speech; Robert Loredo, Economics; Justin Franklin, Government; John Wesley Shipp, U.S. History; Ryan Whitehead, World Geography Honors; Morgan Klaevenmann, World History AP; Hai-Lee Koonce, World Geography; Jim Lafond, World History; Sarah Riemenschneider, Spanish I; Ally Coscetti, Spanish II; Dalton Klare, Spanish III; Kandace Jackson, Commercial Photography; Colton Carroll, Construction Technology; Andrew Garcia, Ag. Mechanics; Derek Ressmann, Principles of Ag.; Matt Galvan, Ag. Facilities; Courtney Myers, Wildlife Fisheries.

College credit hours

Refugio High School students earned college credit both through Advanced Placement or AP testing and with dual credit coursework through Victoria College.

Junior students who earned six credit hours include Lexy Hawthorne, Jessica Heryford, Coral Jones, Marcela Leal, Nina Rodriguez, Lacey Sanders, and Cameron Sternadel.

Seniors will graduate with college credit to be transferred to the college or university they choose to attend.

Earning 3 college hours is Justin Franklin; Alicia Canchola, 9 hours; Jacob Heryford, 24; Carolina Palomino, 27.

Other awards were also presented.

Dalton Klare was chosen to represent Refugio High School at the GOLD Youth Leadership Seminar this summer.

Two RHS juniors, Cecilia Bauer and Cameron Sternadel received the Texas Student Achievement Award from the Texas ACT Council for their performance on the PLAN or Pre-ACT assessment.

These students are on target to meet or exceed ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks by graduation.

The faculty of Refugio High School nominated the following students to compete for the Outstanding Senior of Refugio County: Justin Franklin, Jacob Heryford, and Thomas Ramirez.

Justin Franklin was selected as the Refugio County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Senior.

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