Racism allegations are unfounded
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As a taxpaying property owner in Goliad County, I would like to comment on the recent accusations of racism that have been aimed at some of our elected county officials by Robert and Michael DeLaGarza.

To address all of Constable DeLaGarza’s questions of why the agreement is being terminated, here is the answer, as I see it.

According to current county employee rules, if an employee leaves his/her position, they cannot be re-hired for three years and cannot receive benefits for one year. The SRO is an officer under the GCSO guidelines and should be supervised by the sheriff.

As it is now, the SRO that has been hired by Constable DeLaGarza has broken these very rules, and on top of that, has authorized paying him more than the other GCSO deputies.

I know the GISD has stated that it is going to be paying the wages and benefits for this SRO, but he is still a county employee and the county will be held liable for any actions taken by Mr. San Miguel.

This is not fair to the other county employees, yet I haven’t heard anyone else screaming discrimination.

I believe that if the SRO were not a former county employee who quit his deputy position, and non-Hispanic, not a word would be said. This seems to be a vendetta against the sheriff by the DeLaGarza brothers.

Judge Bowman and Commissioners Bailey and Long now seem to be on their list as well. If not, then why won’t the DeLaGarza brothers accept the new SRO agreement? As I see it, they are the ones who are being biased and unreasonable, and dare I say it ... racist.

As a member of this community, I find these accusations against Sheriff Brumby, Judge Bowman and Commissioners Bailey and Long appalling and without merit.

I have attended Commis-sioners Court meetings for many years and have attended all of the meetings pertaining to the SRO position, so I have seen and heard everything. I can say that our elected officials have acted professionally by not talking out of turn, raising their voices or acting maliciously toward anyone. I can’t say the same for many others who were there.

People need to know what is going on, as Robert DeLaGarza stated.

Debra Kelley,

Tax paying citizen

of Goliad County
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