Reader questions using fertile land for construction
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Environmentalists lobby for environment protection seeking to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment through changes to environmentally harmful human activities. One area that does not seem to interest most people is the depletion of farm or ranch land. Developers usually obtain land to build on. Please note the South Texas Valley. Construction of buildings has occurred on fertile land. Citrus orchards are slowly disappearing. In many areas of the country there are plenty of dilapidated buildings and unused properties. Why can’t the developers raze unused building and build there to avoid depleting land? Some people make an argument that there is plenty of land. Is there really? Note some of the areas of the world where people are building atop each other. I wrote a state official with the question: “Why aren’t empty dilapidated buildings razed and new buildings erected in their place? I stated that too much land is being used for construction and unoccupied areas are not reused or recycled. As often is the case the official responded that it was not a state issue, pass the buck was prevalent in his letter. Could it be possible that I am over reacting? Is too much land being lost to development? Should there be grounds for concern? I would really be interested in learning if there are others out there that feel the same way.

Handicap placards read that they are not to be displayed while driving. Note how many people drive with them on the rear view mirror. And customers need to realize that handicap parking is just that. The other night at a local eatery there was a car in a handicap parking. An effort was made to draw attention to the occupant by pointing to the handicap sign.

There was an article in an out of town newspaper with the question why can’t the highway department mowing, pick up trash instead of moving over the trash? Have you seen the trash in several areas of Karnes County, such as oiled gloves, plastic/cartons for water bottles, soiled hygiene paper, empty cigarette packages, beer bottles thrown in land owner’s properties, etc. Would you care to guess who the major contributors are?

Lastly it would be interesting to see people that are against the oil pipeline from Canada to Houston, lobby for something else. There are states that flood every year. Would it not make sense to run a pipeline from the nearest state that floods and pump that extra water to our state or out to the desert? I just wanted myself to feel better and hopefully spark an interest out there with anyone that might have the same opinion.

L.C. Lasso

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