Three questions for UEC’s Anthony
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Dear Editor,

Summer’s gone, winter’s coming on and although the chance of snow is remote the snow jobs have already started.

In response to a Letter to the Editor by Ernest Alaniz, which was critical of uranium mining, Harry Anthony, speaking for UEC stated, “We welcome the dialogue and appreciate his comments.” Anthony went on to state that opponents of the uranium industry prefer to give you rumors, innuendo and unfounded speculation. This is welcoming dialogue?

It is no rumor or speculation that the water from two wells on our property turned alarming shades of red with small debris visible shortly after test wells were activated on a neighbor’s property. The only time this has happened since the long time existence of the wells. The water subsequently cleared some time after the test wells were discontinued. The evidence of this disturbance was documented by the Goliad County Groundwater Conservation District.

It is also no rumor that on two separate public occasions Mr. Anthony has declined the offer of a drink of water taken from wells adjacent to UEC test wells.

I issue a formal request that Mr. Anthony respond to the posed below. I look forward to his answers in the spirit of welcome.

1. How much groundwater will be lost to production use at each injection site on an annual basis?

2. What guarantee (in the form of an escrow account) will UEC provide in the event your claim for extensive and thorough restoration is not accomplished?

3. You have waved the flag on the benefits of nuclear energy in the United States. Is it not true that the uranium mined here in Texas by UEC is a product used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and that it will be placed on the World Market?

John Cladwell,

Goliad County

Lt. Col. John Caldwell USAF Retired is one of the few survivors of the 1962 nuclear tests at Johnston and Christmas Islands. These tests were accomplished as the results of the Soviet Union (Russia) breaking the Nuclear Test Treaty.
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