Wake up, folks
by W.H. “Bill” Rayburn
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Another election and one more step into Refugio History.

I will quote Wikipedia: “In 1985, we had 3,800 population in the Town of Refugio, and 145 businesses.”

This was 25 years ago. Today, I doubt we have 2,100 population, our infrastructure, built in about 1942, is near collapse, and there are less than 50 businesses in the city.

Two of our city council members boast over 20 years serving the town.

We have abandoned properties, property owners that are slum lords and do not even live here. They could care less what our image is. No enforcement of city codes and little to no backbone, if you ask me.

People living under the poverty level is about 30 percent, mostly retired old people waiting on the grim reaper.

Our city is in a cancerous state. I have attempted to bring change here, and failed twice to make a difference to the voters.

Someone had better step up to the plate, folks, if not me, then someone that has seen this place go into decline and wants to save Refugio from becoming a ghost town. Someone that people will at least come out to vote for, for our future. So it doesn’t pay much, but it is our future and pays more than 25 years ago.

Thank heaven we have some good, sober-minded people and, maybe someone will rescue Refugio, the city council that makes decisions for you has problems, our police department has problems, your form of government here has problems that are more than 100 years old, and never been changed.

Where is our charter? Why do we not have one? Time has proven that what we have, does not work. When we get down to you and me, you will have to pay half the bills.

It is hard to make a mansion out of a pig sty.

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