Nursing director combat ready
by Bill Clough
08:00 AM, Sunday, April 13
Anyone with a life-threatening emergency in a hospital emergency room probably wouldn’t argue if the chief nursing officer was a veteran medic who practiced his trade in combat. That is exactly the case at Christus Spohn Hospital in Beeville. Dani...

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Planting milkweed will help to save the Monarchs
You are probably familiar with the incredible migration of Monarch Butterflies. But are you aware of their terrible p...
06:00 PM, Monday, April 07
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Eyes on the sky, feet on the ground
For such a large man, Raymond Carolan’s office at Coastal Bend College seems diminutive. He seems much more at home i...
08:00 AM, Sunday, April 06
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Getting out of store-bought jam
This week, I’ve been playing around with strawberries, one of my favorite fruits of all time – until peach season arr...
03:04 PM, Saturday, April 05
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Is it spring? Not quite yet, mesquites tell us
It looks like spring, doesn’t it? The hackberry trees have turned a lovely shade of “spring green,” and the wildflowe...
06:00 PM, Monday, March 24
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A park called Nopal
Nopal Park, at North Live Oak St. and West Fannin St., is an active park—or, call it a “recess” park—thanks to the pr...
04:00 PM, Sunday, March 23
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One fruit easily ranks as our planet’s favorite
Earth’s most popular fruit (based on tonnage) is the mango. For those who believe the real champion has to be the ban...
02:00 PM, Sunday, March 23
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Warming up with scones
Wednesday morning I woke up to chilly howling winds which required something cozy to be stirred up. I have collected ...
12:00 PM, Sunday, March 23
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Dalmatians proved to be efficient on job
Firefighters began using Dalmatian canines as mascots in the 1800’s. The dogs seemed to be the breed ideal for runnin...
12:00 PM, Sunday, March 16
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Forgetting to remember
Bil is starting to worry about me and, frankly, I’m getting a little worried, too. I’m losing my medium-term memory. ...
02:00 PM, Saturday, March 15
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Not much of a market for elephant dentures
The average elephant has the genetics to produce six full sets of teeth for chewing. Normally, only one set of tusks ...
05:51 PM, Tuesday, March 11
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Poesta park — A place of benches
Whatever else is contained in the 33 acres of Poetsa Park, and there’s a lot, seems to offer an abundance of benches—...
06:00 PM, Sunday, March 09
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Really difficult to see a Ringtail
The Ringtail has been on my “to see” list for a long time. Decades, in fact. At first, it was just one of those cool ...
08:00 PM, Saturday, March 08
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English flair
BEEVILLE – At the Stone Creek Grill restaurant last week, two automobiles representing $140,000 and both ends of the ...
08:00 PM, Wednesday, March 05
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Hoffman wins Hearing Instrument Specialist award
BEEVILLE – Carla Hoffman, board certified hearing instrument specialist from the Hearing Aid Company of Texas, locate...
04:00 PM, Tuesday, February 25
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Longtime Beeville resident/civilian airman earns master’s ...
David Abildgaard officially earned his master’s degree in legal studies from American Military University on Saturday...
04:00 PM, Monday, February 24
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