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First Baptist Church Swaps Steeples Aug. 18
Workmen spend nine hours putting up new 1,100-pound steeple
Beat the heat
Local emergency responders demonstrate how quickly a car can get dangerously hot. This is a contributed video from the Bee County Sheriff's Office and Angel Care Ambulance

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Thomas Richard “Commander” Everingham
Retired teacher Janice Krause reads to Mrs. Crawford's pre-K class.
Retired teacher Janice Krause reads to Mrs. Meadows' pre-K class.
Tim Delaney photo
The Urrea Oaks are among other historic trees in a new book by Jill Lear of Idaho. The two old oaks, pictured here on Monday, Aug. 24, are referred to as "witness" trees because of the history that transpired beneath their spreading limbs. Gen Jose Urrea used the trees as a staging area for his attack on Refugio in March 1836.
Jill Lear
Tim Delaney photo
Refugio County Judge Bobby Blaschke congratulates Fred Garcia Tuesday, Aug. 25, upon Garcia’s 25 years of service to the county.
Construction workers brave the heights to work on Voestalpine's reduction tower.

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