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CBC Candidates Speak Out
Republican Club-sponsored forum April 14 also allows questions from audience.
Comcast taking over Time Warner causes Internet outages
Craig Oliver, Bee County IT director explains that the merger of Comcast and Time Warner has resulted in Internet outages. This has effected the county's phone system as it uses the Internet and not a phone line. This is why some people might have had issues calling the courthouse recently.

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Lisa Brown photo  
Kymberlee Dreyer qualified for state recognition with the Duke Talent Identification Program. Dreyer was invited to attend a special recognition ceremony at Trinity University in San Antonio.
Below: Evelyn's children and grandchildren had a graduation ring custom made to match the rings presented in 1938.
Contributed photo 
On Saturday, April 5, Mary Evelyn Hobert was presented her long awaited high school ring in a traditional black graduation cap and gown with a black and gold tassel.
Cat's rule!
Definitely YES!
Senior Animal Control Officer Lupe Valdez and his new assistant, David Reilly, show off the inviting new ramp that allows all visitors, even those in wheelchairs, easy access to the office building at the Beeville Animal Shelter on Cook Road. The shelter has undergone a major transition in recent months, and the staff there is eager to show it off to anyone who would like to give a dog or cat a loving home.

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