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Silent As the Grave — Part 2
The second segment of a two-part documentary by Bee Publishing Company Video Director Bill Clough examining some of the hidden cemeteries in Bee County. Click here for a larger video player.

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Tim Delaney photo
Austwell City Hall is where the city council is meeting currently until the community center construction is finished in January.
Tim Delaney photo
Refugio school district board trustee Ethel Garza shows the gap between cinder blocks at the six-year-old Refugio Elementary School. The school's foundation problems were blamed on the construction contractors, but a civil case jury found the contractors innocent of any wrongdoing.
Ranch Hand has been working with Coastal Bend College to bring in welders to work part-time, so they could also continue school.
Ranch Hand offers products including grill guards, bumpers, rails and steps, amongst others.
The view from the second floor into the Yonder Inn’s lobby offers a good look at the rustic, western-style chandelier.
Leeton shows his own brand, the J-A-L.  In his workshop, he heats a piece of cold rolled steel; the forge can get as hot as 1,200 degrees.

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