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A cyclist exits the entryway to the Main Quad at Stanford University in Stanford
Californian lawmakers passed a law on Thursday requiring universities to adopt "affirmative conse...
2014-08-29 04:25:12 -0500
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A man walk past graffiti in Detroit
Bankruptcy Court judge late on Thursday removed allegations made by one of Detroit's remaining ho...
2014-08-28 23:01:10 -0500
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A shuttle bus crash on Friday at O'Hare International Airport injured at least 13 people, four of...
2014-08-29 10:40:53 -0500
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Fire causing power outage on Wildwood boardwalk
A fire in Wildwood, New Jersey is causing power outages on the boardwalk.
2014-08-29 10:56:46 -0500
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