No place for sex trade
by Chip Latcham
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On second thought, our editorial stance in Wednesday’s edition did not extend far enough.

Regarding the Eagle Ford Shale boom and the possible appearance of sexually oriented businesses here, do we really want those in our small, rural community?

We thanked the commissioners court for approving a measure to regulate the existence of such businesses within the county. These rules will restrict where sexually oriented businesses can be located, keeping them a certain distance away from homes and schools – and that’s a start.

The court’s decision was based on a similar ordinance recently enacted in McMullen County, which has received inquiries about regulations covering such businesses. So far, thankfully, Bee County has not been approached about persons wanting to open a strip club or XXX movie theater.

However, if the court cannot ban these businesses outright, we’re hoping they will regulate them out of practical existence. If newcomers, or even longtime residents, want to partake in such filth, let them make the drive to Corpus Christi or San Antonio.

If “sex shops” want to establish a “strip” either inside or out of Beeville, we encourage concerned citizens, perhaps led by the Ministerial Alliance or another Christian group, to oppose this move vociferously.

We realize that pornography is already rampant in modern society, only a mouse click away on the Internet or on pay-per-view TV channels. Yet, why should we allow the sex trade to flourish here openly when rapes, abductions and murders of women and children, sexting, teenage pregnancy and prostitution are among the topics du jour in every newscast or newspaper?

America, we have a serious problem. Bee Countians, we should be courageous enough to say no thanks.

– Chip Latcham
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February 22, 2012
In my opinion I think that the people of Beeville should really want to see about opening something that benifits the children of Beeville instead of something that will benifit adults. The children of this town really in truly have nothing to do, and citizens of Beeville wonder why is it that there is a high rate of teen pregnancy and children getting into trouble. It is ridiculous that we as parents have to take our children out of town to be able to have a good time with them. Instead of the money being use for our community we are taking it over to another. I think Beeville should have more for the children other then just a movie theater and a bowling alley.
February 18, 2012
I guess the Bee-Pic got some angry phone calls this week between editorials.

For a group that claims to be all about personal liberty and small government, conservatives sure love to dictate what businesses should and should not be allowed to operate and what people should be allowed to frequent.

If you don't like sexually explicit businesses, don't spend your money at them. You're not my mother or anyone else's. People should be free to do as they please.

If we start with running sexually oriented businesses out, which I might add there are none in Bee County and there is no indication that there will be, what's next? Is it up to the county to tell us if we can drink or smoke? What about gambling? Can we tell people what to read or watch on TV?

I wouldn't necessarily like the idea of such places operating in the county, but capitalism is a two way street. It's not up to church, government, or the newspaper for that matter to tell people what they can and cannot spend their money on.