Dog owner bites back
by Gary Kent
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BEEVILLE — Crystal Lehman, who will face Municipal Court Judge Joe Salinas over a dog attack against a 3-year-old boy, said this week that the father of the victim seriously altered the facts surrounding the incident.

“He bit him (the boy) on the arm,” Lehman admitted. “Yes, he did. And he didn’t have his rabies vaccination.”

But Lehman said most of story that the 39-year-old father told Sgt. Mark Cruz was not true.

Lehman said the father never requested that she put up her dogs. She said he called her on March 25 and told her he was coming to Beeville. He never requested that she put up her American bulldog. The animal, she said, is not a pit bulldog.

She said the father and boy arrived at her house that evening, and she was not at home at the time. Her children let the man and boy into the house, and she arrived minutes later.

The power was out that night and she had her doors open to allow a breeze through the residence. She said the father sat the boy on the floor and never mentioned her dogs. And the father never picked up the boy when her dog came into the house.

Also, the child never was thrown to the floor.

“He has a big dog too,” she said of the father.

“I do feel bad and I’ve offered to pay the hospital bill,” Lehman said. But there was nothing she could have done to prevent the attack on the boy. She said the dog entered her house and attacked the boy within two minutes of when she arrived. She never thought the dog would bite anyone. One of her children went outside to get something and the dog came inside and immediately went to sniff the boy.

“My dog has never bitten anyone,” Lehman said.

“This makes me look like a terrible person and I’m not a terrible person,” Lehman said.

The owner said she was going to have the dog put down the night of the attack. But her mother asked her not to do that.

Lehman said the dog lived with her mother until two months ago and never caused any trouble. She said her children do not want the dog to be put to sleep either.

“The information in the police report was not true and my attorney is taking care of that,” Lehman said.

The lawyer has told her he intends to file charges against the victim’s father for giving the police false information.

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April 07, 2012
There is more fiction than facts to this article! I find it interesting that she has not mentioned that I, the boy’s mother, was not at the scene. I was near the child and saw the entire attack up close.

Contradictions: 1. Lehman stated the door was open to let in a breeze then later says her son opened the door and the dog came in to “sniff” the child. 2. The boy’s father never “sat” him on the floor. He is 3 years old and can walk by himself. He is not carried most anywhere we go. 3. Lehman stated that the father sat him down on the floor when they arrived yet also stated that she wasn’t there when they arrived. How would she know one way or the other. The father didn’t pick the boy up when the dog came in the house because the dog ran in the house and immediately began attacking the child. The father didn’t have the option of evaluating the dog’s behavior before removing the child from the room because the dog attacked so quickly. 4. The boy WAS knocked to the floor by the dog because there was a huge KNOT on his head that was even documented in the medical exam. 5. Lehman stated her children did not want the dog put down, however; the boy’s father was contacted by Lehman’s daughter and stated that she’s advised Lehman on more than one occasion that she should put the dog down but her mother ignored her requests. 6. On the offer to pay medical expenses, Lehman has made no attempt to contact me in regards to paying anything, offering assistance, or even checking on my son’s condition. NONE! The only correspondence Lehman has made was an attempt to cause marital strife between my husband and I. 6. Lastly, her dog is NOT an American bulldog. Per Lehman’s Facebook page, she posted a recent photo of the dog with the caption “Pit for sale…” and per her rental application she listed having the pit bull.

Also, as a side note, the comment regarding the father owning a big dog is extremely irrelevant to this situation. If we owned 1 big dog or 20 little dogs it really has nothing to do with this incident.

April 06, 2012
Nothing matters past your statement, "he bit him, (the boy) on the arm". You do look bad for not putting the dog down. How old are you? Why would you need your mother's permission to put the dog down? I hope seriously reconsider your position in this matter as others are at risk the longer you wait to do what you have to know in your heart is the right thing to do.
April 08, 2012
COPS got it wrong again .. lol