RV park coming soon near you
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Sadly, it looks as if there’s going to be an RV park built behind my house. This raises many concerns for me, but it should raise many for everyone. This has not been a fight about trying to stop the wheels of progress or growth in Beeville. This has been a fight to get the city to obey the very laws they’ve written.

Since last November, my husband and I have been following the chain of command at City Hall. It began with Lanny Holland, who told my husband that this could be placed there if he said it could be. That’s not the law. From there, we went to City Manager Tom Ginter, the City Council and the Planning and Zoning committee. On Feb. 6, Ginter admitted that this permit to build was “issued in error.” On Feb. 13, Beeville’s consulting zoning attorney, Mr. Fields, told the Planning and Zoning committee that according to Beeville’s ordinances (laws), this business could not be placed in this area. He also cautioned them against “spot zoning,” which grants special use of an area that wouldn’t normally be allowed; resulting in a profit for that individual and detriment to others. One would think that legal advice would have ended this whole issue. Nope! From March through the end of June, the City Council went into executive sessions, locking out the public, to work on a “deal” with the developer, ignoring laws and advice.

Thank you, Mr. Scotten and Mrs. Spires, for voting to uphold the law. You are patriots! Mr. Martinez, Mr. Fulghum and Mr. Carabajal, I think you owe the public an explanation as to why you voted to disregard the very laws you were supposed to have sworn to uphold. And, please, don’t use the lame excuse that this decision was in the “best interest of the city, financially,” regarding “threatened” litigation. I’m pretty sure the city pays big bucks for its liability insurance coverage in case of suits like these. I think you should also explain why the city had to pay $8,000 for Fields’ services, when he told the city what was legal and what wasn’t on Feb. 13. Beyond that, his services were used on this “deal” that hurts those of us who own property surrounding this business.

Many citizens will feel the ripple effects of this decision besides those of us bordering this RV park. How many of you have children in Head Start, Thomas Jefferson Elementary or St. Joseph’s Catholic School? I don’t want a tent city in my back yard. Do you want this within three blocks of your children’s playground? Five men have caused this to happen. If our former city manager was indeed fired for his part in this, how are the votes of Martinez, Fulghum and Carabajal any different? And where is the next RV park going to be placed? Ask Lanny Holland. There are others in the works. Will they be behind your house?


Diane Slayton

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