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This is in regards to serious concerns from the LVN students at CBC in Pleasanton. I have attended numerous board meetings trying to address the concerns that we have concerning our program and campus. First going through our instructors, we were told to contact Dean (Julia) Garcia, who disregarded our concerns and refused to get back with us; after weeks of this we got frustrated, and addressed the board in hopes of answers and results. This was over a month and half ago, and we still have not received any help or intervention from our CBC administration.

Our class had become extremely worried and concerned due to the lack of help from administration. Then Director of Nursing Dr. Eloisa Garcia stepped in and attempted to fill this void in our campus.

At one point during this semester, we as a class overheard (by accident) a private conversation regarding the fact that Dr. Garcia was being forced to resign. She was very upset that we had overheard this information and told us it wasn’t of concern to us because it would not go into effect until August after we graduate. We became upset since she had been the only one to attempt to fill the place of our missing clinical instructor. Then, during the last board meeting on March 20, a fact was presented by Irma Trevino, RN, that Dr. Garcia was to be unjustifiably terminated on March 25. I began to fear for my education and my potential LVN license. I later confronted Ms. Trevino, who told me she could not answer my questions.

After this, I attempted to get the facts by approaching one of the board members myself. This particular board member attempted to reassure me of the so-called fact that a instructor cannot be forced out of our program until August of this year after we graduate, thus making us feel better at the time. She attempted to take the reassurance a little further by giving several students her phone number and telling us to call at anytime.

Then I was contacted by a fellow student from the Beeville nursing program and told that our director of nursing had been fired and that they were pulled from clinicals due to the fact of not having a director of nursing. Without a director of nursing in place, our instructors cannot legally work and allow us to participate in the public clinical setting; this is an injustice to hard-working, dedicated and, more importantly, paying students.

You must understand why we as students would be so outraged by learning this fact. We are all extremely scared and upset and in fear of what will happen next. If they can take our director, who or what is next? How can this administration put our education at risk this way? Our rights as students and consumers are in complete violation; we are paying students, and we were promised a one-year program, and we feel we need and deserve answers, and we demand them soon.


Brandi King
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