Concern for future of CBC nursing program
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As CBC Pleasanton campus nursing students, we have concerns about the future of the nursing program based off of issues we have experienced since last fall. We have amazing instructors we value and respect so much but feel they are not being respected or supported by Beeville. We have been without a nursing secretary on our campus since October. Since then, there have been numerous situations that have arisen because Beeville has not replaced her, such as the office sending prospective students to our classroom during class time, interrupting either lecture or test time, and the office forwarding phone calls to our instructor’s phone on many occasions during test and lecture times.

There was also a dangerous situation on our campus last semester. One late evening, a student was in the nursing classroom studying when she was interrupted by a campus staff member and told that there was a student in the hallway outside the door who had a gun. The staff member locked her in the room and instructed her to go out the lab door and exit the building to safety. When she attempted to do just that, she encountered a locked door, which left her trapped in the classroom. She then stayed as quiet and still as possible. She was truly terrified and in fear for her life. When the former student finally left, she was told that the staff members were waiting for instruction from Dean Garcia as what to do next. The police were not called until after the student left the building. Why was this? There were students in the building and were put in unnecessary danger that evening. It had a lasting effect on the student, and she is still spooked about it today. Afterwards, the students were told it is “protocol is to call the dean first.” This is absurd. The day following the incident, Dean Garcia told us the matter had been handled, that this student has rights as a CBC student and that we were overreacting! Overreacting? Do these people not watch the news? Are they unaware of the danger?

Some students went to the board meeting in Beeville in February. They spoke about issues affecting our campus, and when they returned, began to be spied upon while in the computer lab. Dean Garcia’s daughter, who works in the office, would come into the lab and look over the students’ shoulders to see what they are working on. How is this acceptable behavior? We pay good money for our education and are adults who deserve respect and a forum to express concerns without being disrespected by having a lackey spy on us.

When we graduate in August, we owe our success to our instructors for helping us to be the best nurses we can be. We are grateful for them hanging in there despite the lack of support. Maybe our certificates should have a picture of the instructors who helped us rather than the seal of Coastal Bend College.


CBC LVN Nursing students Brandi King, Ryann Morris, Lacea Hankins, Arika Bowers, Vanessa DeLaRosa, Tiffany Alvarado, Tammy Lozano, Benny Mata, Krystal Zamarripa, Lydia Pantuso, Jessica Andrews, Nicole Rohde, Brenda Kappmeyer, Jose Galvan, Jana Dzuik, Anaint Plascencia and Taylor Coleman
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