What’s in it for me?
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In today’s society this question is on most everyone’s lips. What they are looking for is “greenbacks” for basic needs of survival. There is nothing wrong with that, and a person should take pride in taking care of their family’s needs.

However, I have another question. Have you ever felt proud of yourself for reaching out to assist someone in need even if that someone was a total stranger? There are many people across our nation and right here in Bee County who can answer that question with an honest, sincere “Yes!”

There are many small communities that depend upon their citizens, men and women, to step up and volunteer to protect their community and assist in time of disaster, man-made or natural. They will sacrifice time away from family in order to rescue strangers from fires, auto accidents and transport the injured to a medical facility for further assistance. Sometimes spending an entire night ensuring their communities safety and well-being.

You still may ask, “What’s in it for me?” My answer to that is peace of mind, knowing that my time volunteering for a fire department and/or EMS has helped ensure the safety of my home and family.

I have been honored over the years to have been able to know and serve with some of these men and women. We have met at the fire station and rolled out the ambulance or a fire truck or both. We have cried on each other’s shoulder and shared our concerns for our physical and mental health. We have found strength in each other as we faced near impossible odds at a house fire or a major auto accident. We have joined forces with other departments in times of necessity. Yet, we are all one department when it comes to saving lives and/or property. There are no lines drawn; we are your fire department or emergency medical service. We are here to serve our community to the best that we know how.

You may ask, “What do these men and women have that would cause them to give to their communities at times when disaster strikes?” The answer to that can only come from those who have been in those situations and come back time after time as other situations arise; each has their own reason.

If you are bored and looking for some excitement in your life, there is a fire department near you that could use your assistance, whether it is at the scene holding your portion of the hose, standing by at the firehouse ready to respond with a backup truck, icing down some drinking water to take to those who are on the line or being traffic control. There are many jobs within a volunteer fire department that someone could fill.

Each fire department has active training programs. They will ensure that you get the proper training, proper working appeal and the proper equipment to do the job.

Your community needs your expertise. Your skills are invaluable!

Russell Duggins
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