Misleading information
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Has anyone noticed how the media and even the president are feeding us misleading information that could be labeled as propaganda.

The latest is when Michael Bloomberg and the gun ban crowd put out the statistic that there have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook. The president and the media lapped it up and reported it as fact when there have been only 15 shootings on school property involving teachers or students. Now, that is too many, but a long way from 74!

The number of 74 school shootings was investigated by the FBI, CNN and the Bureau of Justice Statistics and found to be false. These facts could have easily been checked out by reporters and the president’s aides.

Why did the president and the media report the erroneous statistics? To make guns the scapegoat and not the shooter? Ya think! But the real question is: are the president and the media only dupes or are they complicit in the deceit?

Edwin Wallek, Jr.
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