Problem I see
by Richard Sanchez LTC, US Army, Retired 2ndLt, USAF, 1974-76 CPL, USMC, 1970-72
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I would like to make some comments in regards to the VA healthcare situation which is causing some hardships to all veterans.

I have been writing articles in the Veterans Corner column each week, and I try to write information that I feel all veterans need to know.

The VA has a long history of not providing good health care, let alone excellent health care.

There are many reasons the VA has gotten into trouble because veterans have died due to neglect of health care.

This is not new, it took a whistle-blower to finally say something that many veterans have fallen into the category of negligence.

That being said, now the VA is working hard to make things right as you can tell by some of the articles I have written in the Veterans Corner.

But I must express my opinion to how I feel about the whole situation, and that is the VA has a long road ahead with many disappointments ahead.

The main one which comes to mind is the VA wants to contract local doctors and local hospitals in the local community whereby the local doctor is willing to accept VA vouchers to treat the veterans ailments and health issues.

The idea for the vouchers is for veterans who are unable to be seen at a VA Clinic in less than 30 days appointment time, and for veterans who live 40-plus miles from the nearest VA Clinic.

The problem I see is many local doctors and hospitals will not accept the voucher because the VA has a history of not paying the local doctors and hospitals in a timely manner.

I have seen only one good thing take place within the VA, and that is Congress allocated approximately $16 billion to the VA Healthcare system.

Let us pray it is put to good use for the sake of all the American veterans (The One and Only Defenders of this Great Nation).

My comments are those of a veteran of three wars and several conflicts in three different branches of services.

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