Concerned citizens attend tea party
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We would like to thank every person who attended the town hall meeting held at the Joe Barnhart Library on Aug. 25. Citizens in attendance were constituents of Rep. Ruben Hinojosa’s Congressional District 15. Congressman Hinojosa was invited but was not in attendance.

Every individual was allowed an opportunity to make comments and/or ask questions. Mr. Eddie Zamora from McAllen, who previously ran against Congressman Hinojosa in the recent election, was in the audience and volunteered to respond to some questions.

Concerned citizens asked questions that indicated an informed position on the recent issues facing our country, Health care was a top priority but other areas of concern were addressed as well. The TARP (Troubled Assets Recovery Program), Cap and Trade, the car industry takeover, unemployment, rising federal deficits, out-of-control spending and the 32 czars appointed by President Obama were all on the minds of our neighbors.

I would encourage every American citizen to read HR 3200 (health care bill) and become familiar with the contents. There are too many areas of concern to mention in this letter but one area that received attention was the section that restricts medical procedures based on decisions by bureaucrats (pages 284-288). Other areas were: the tax on individuals and businesses for not participating in health coverage (pages 149-150 and 197-198), government being allowed to access your personal information on tax returns (pages 145 and 195-196) and federal officials will be above court review (page 124). These are not the only areas of concern but are listed only as examples of what is contained in the bill.

Our health care system is not perfect and is in need of modification. We need to implement tort reform which will bring costs down dramatically. We also need to eliminate the waste and abuse in our current Medicare/Medicaid system. If our federal government cannot efficiently run Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, then citizens should rightfully be worried about our federal government running our health care.

Our forefathers created a form of government that encourages every citizen to be involved in their government. Those freedoms are known as our Bill of Rights and are protected by our United States Constitution. Tea Party Patriots are peacefully and respectfully disagreeing with our federal government on all the above listed issues. Unfortunately, when some radicals are unable to defend or justify their position on the issues, they choose to personally attack their opponents and/or their families.

Please take the time to become informed and let your congressman and senators know your feelings.

Thank you,

Robert J. Bridge

Tea Party Patriot member
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Aurora Robie
September 11, 2009
I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to join the Tea Party, we need people with true


Who is Mr. Perez, is he running or thinking of running for something?

Love Ya guys

A. Robie