Sheriff’s reports
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In addition to arrests, the Sheriff’s office received 178 complaints for the week of Jan. 12-18.

A male caller near Lagarto reported that a customer had come in and told him the license plate was gone off his truck. He wanted to report it stolen.

A woman near George West said that she went outside and her clothes dryer was gone.

A male caller reported that he had found a license plate where “they” drop off and pick up undocumented immigrants on a county road.

A George West caller advised there was someone in her yard causing problems. The subject hit her son in face for no reason. She said that the trespasser was someone that the police are looking for.

A George West woman stated there was a homeless man under the overpass wearing baggy, dirty jeans and a jacket who was exposing himself to people as they drove by. She claimed, he wagged and waved for her to come over to him. The responding deputy was unable to locate the man.

A Three Rivers man reported that “the Jamaicans sent him $4,000 in cash and told him to take it to his bank, get the same amount of money out of his banking account and send it back to them.” He advised he has an envelope with a return address on it for an officer to check out. He couldn’t sleep until an officer comes to see if he got scammed again. He wanted an officer to see the address on the envelope so they can finally put a stop to all of this scamming business and catch the people.

A George West woman wanted to speak with an officer at her work place. She claimed that her ex-boyfriend has been posting her cell phone number all over the internet.

A female motel employee reported that there were a bunch of people outside at the motel across the street yelling and some of them kept running across the road and jumping in the pool at her motel.

A female motel employee reported that a man in one of the rooms kept calling her and telling her he does not want to be here; that he wanted to go back to Mexico. He told her not to call the cops because he was afraid of them.

A George West man advised that he had taken a nap. When he woke up, he opened up his garage and discovered a man inside. He had advised subject to get the h#!! out of his garage. He had asked around and found out who the man was.

Gilberto Puente Castillo, 21, of Roma, Tamaulipas, Mexico was arrested on Dec. 10 for possession of marijuana greater than 50 lbs. less than or equal to $2,000. Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 Elizabeth Ellis set bond of $200,000. He was released on Jan. 15 after bonding out and was picked up by the Border Patrol.

Carl Anthony Botzenhardt, 34, of Sandia was arrested on Jan. 15 for assault causes bodily inj/family violence. Lane set bond at $4,000. He was released on Jan. 16, after posting bond.

Justin Michael Flores, 19, of Ben Bolt was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 2 oz. Lane set bond at $1,500.

Daniel Amijo Rodriguez, 39, of San Antonio was arrested on Jan. 17 for driving while intoxicated. Lane set bond at $1,000.

Fernando Santos Ruiz, 43, of San Antonio was arrested on Jan. 13 for driving while intoxicated - 3rd or more offense. He was sentenced to ten days commitment - weekender. He was released for time served.

Robert Carlos Medina, 34, of Taft was arrested on Jan. 7 for driving while intoxicated - 3rd or more offense. He was sentenced to ten days commitment - weekender. He was released for time served.
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