Boy, 15, attacked during Refugio Fair
by Kenda Nelson
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An eighth-grade student was rushed to the emergency room by his mother last Thursday evening after he was allegedly beaten into unconsciousness by a high school student at the county fair.

Sheriff Robert Bolcik ordered a criminal investigation into a possible assault with intent to do bodily injury.

The victim sustained multiple facial fractures and his mother is asking why authorities called to the scene by witnesses did not call EMS or stabilize her son immediately.

“The nature of the fractures are severe and life-threatening,” said his mother, who is a nurse. “He was struck numerous times after he was knocked unconscious. He suffered three fractures on the left side of his face and one on the right side.”

The mother said witnesses told her that three girls from Woodsboro broke up the fight. One stood between the victim and the assailant while the boy tried to get to his victim again.

“As severe as his injuries were, nobody called EMS, which is standard procedure,” she said, breaking into tears.

The boy’s mother said she had to demand an officer come to the ER so she could file assault charges.

Bolcik said he received a call from Chief Deputy Sheldon Wiginton, who investigated the fight.

“The chief deputy told me he had met with both boys and both refused any treatment,” Bolcik said. “At this point, we considered it a simple assault or disorderly conduct. I told Sheldon to issue both the boys a citation.”

Later that evening, when they discovered the extent of the boy’s injuries, Bolcik said the investigation escalated into an assault with intent to do bodily injury.

“The fight wasn’t witnessed by any officers and at the onset, there were no obvious injuries,” Bolcik said. “He got beat up pretty bad.”

The victim’s mother says her son’s lifestyle is altered.

“The things we had planned for him this summer are over because of his injuries,” she said.

The plastic surgeon told the couple the boy was very close to suffering a detached retina and severe eye injuries if he had been struck again, she said.

“He is extremely traumatized by the incident,” she said.

The victim’s mother said the fight began over a girl who asked to walk around with her son.

“It was innocent; they didn’t have each other’s phone numbers or anything,” she said. “My son told me the girl’s boyfriend came up from nowhere and blindsided him, knocking him to the ground.

“The deputies did not show one ounce of kindness toward my son and I’m embarrassed for my county,” she continued. “Nobody has a right to put their hands on a child.”

The sheriff said Wiginton found the assailant trying to board the Ferris wheel.

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April 01, 2010
typical boro bullies