Christmas angels
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I am writing this letter to thank some very special Christmas angels. I want them all to know how wonderful they are and what they helped accomplish this holiday season.

I left my home driving a truck and trailer, taking my little girl’s pony to Beeville. I’ve hauled trailers around many times, but this day, with my head full of the things that needed to be done, sent, wrapped and cooked, I forgot a very important step in the hitching of the trailer — I didn’t lock the hitch. As I turned a corner, I noticed the trailer had become unhitched and was swerving side to side. I managed to stop the trailer with the truck, but I was in the middle of the road. Now although this is not a very busy road, large trucks frequently go by. Out of nowhere came two ladies, whose names I don’t even know, to see if I needed help. Together we managed to partially connect the hitch and move the truck and trailer off of the road. I thanked them and they went on their way. My dad soon came and fixed everything, as he always does, and I drove in to Beeville.

What I wanted these nice women to know was that the pony, along with my daughter who was in the truck the whole time, were on their way to celebrate the posada with some of the local senior citizens from Parkview Adult Health Care. We were a little late, but the police department officers who were waiting for us were so patient and wonderful.

The entire event, from that point, went off without a “hitch,” and it would not have been possible without the help of our angels: Police Chief Joe Trevino and the Beeville Police Department, and the two wonderful women from Pettus that helped get Mary, Joseph, and their pony on their way.

Happy holiday blessings to all of you!

Marissa Gonzales

Exclusive Home Health & Hospice
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