BISD official puts teens on notice for trespassing on downtown school property
by Gary Kent
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Roy Galvan is putting the kids who have been hanging around the former Beeville Independent School District’s Learning Resources Center in the 200 block of N. St. Mary’s Street on notice.

From now on, he will call police and file trespassing charges on those he catches there.

Galvan, director of Environmental Services for the BISD, said he stopped at the property at 201 N. St. Mary’s St. last Thursday evening at about 6:45 and asked some of the teens he saw gathered there if they would pick up the trash. Galvan said he had received some complaints from people in the downtown area.

Apparently the teens did not like the idea of having to pick up after themselves.

On Friday morning some of the staff members at A.C. Jones High School found two large windows broken right in the center of the campus.

“Those windows cost $200 each,” Galvan said.

Custodial staff members had the windows replaced by the end of the day but then noticed on Saturday that the same two windows had been broken again.

Galvan said he got the message the vandals were trying to leave him.

“We’re going to post no trespassing signs at the LRC,” he said. The situation has deteriorated and it’s no longer just trash that the teens are leaving behind at the downtown facility.

“They’re urinating at the doors,” he said. “We’re going to go ahead and start prosecuting.”

Galvan said people who pay taxes to the BISD do not deserve that kind of abuse.

“That’s $800 in just two days for nothing,” he complained.

Galvan was not the first person to notice the damage to the vacant property downtown. Beeville Police Sgt. Eddie Garcia had noticed the mess earlier in the summer and had called attention to it.

Trespassers can expect not just BISD personnel to be watching for people loitering on the property, city police have been put on notice to crack down on the abuse as well.

Gary Kent is a reporter at the Bee-Picayune and can be reached at 358-2550, ext. 120, or at

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August 15, 2010

It has been sometime since I have read a response such as your’s. My hats off to you.

The response is formulated with an introduction, description, objective and a workable solution.

Small business owners are feeling the economic backlash of our current economic situation. I doubt any funds will be contributed as most are facing uncertian futures.

Very well presented plan of action!
August 15, 2010
I think a skate park should be considered, but the liability would be the biggest issue that the city would be looked at. There would have to be a strict policy on safety equipment, health and wellness, and hours of operation are a must. I would like to see a private business owner step up to the plate, and form a park or a valid proposal with all the information (such as size, square footage, location, height of the ramps, rules and regulations, budget issues concerning the personal that would have to be on site for injuries, and other issues) I know most of the skaters that are out there and that are very serious have not attended city council meetings, commissioners meetings, made their voice heard, proposed ideas to the city, researched the information that could be presented, and if they have it has not made a difference. I challenge the parents and those who stand behind these skaters to push harder.. here are some websites that you can apply for grants and look at designs or ideas for city skateparks
August 14, 2010
Then why don't you and the kid's parents and the kids that need the skatepark start raising some cash to build it? I've seen the little skater dudes and dudettes around the LRC along with their trash. I expect some of these would trash a skatepark. Who cleans it up? City employees?

It is a dangerous activity. Who would be liable for their injuries? Who pays the hospital emergency room bills for the ones who have no health insurance? The Taxpayer?

No thanks!
August 14, 2010
The kids need a SKATEPARK now. We have Veterans memorial park, everybody gathers there for ball games, we have Carlos Reyes park lots of land and nothing else, oh yes they have restrooms. City council, parks dept need to get off their butts and do something for the future of these kids, instead of prosecuting them for not having somewhere to go to enjoy themselves. Now. lots and lots also gather at Trevino park to play B-Ball, only its so hot they're not so much, how
August 13, 2010
I was young once too, but my parents taught me to respect authority and other peoples' belongings. Why should we reward kids who trash and vandalize property?
August 12, 2010
Why don't this so called Christian complain about not building a place for this future tax payers to hang out at.We all were young at one time but how soon we forget.