GIS holds Veterans Day ceremony
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Goliad Intermediate School’s Veterans Day program Friday.
Goliad Intermediate School’s Veterans Day program Friday.
Goliad Intermediate School held its annual Veterans Day program Friday morning.

Guest speaker was Army Staff Sergeant Andrew Garcia. The fifth-grade gifted and talented class conducted the program.

Essay and poster contest winners were announced and the sixth- grade and high school bands performed. Great job to everyone involved.

What a great Red Ribbon Week and parade. Everyone did a wonderful job dressing up and participating in all of the week’s activities.

Pre-k news

This month, pre-kindergartners will be finishing up the unit “All About Fall.”

Students have learned the following letters: Qq, Jj, Xx and Kk. They will begin working on the unit “The More We Get Together.” The unit celebrates family and friends. The next letters are Mm, Dd and Ss.

On Tuesday, Nov 13, parents are invited to join the children to eat turkey and dressing served at the school.

Kindergarten news

October was an exciting month for the kindergartners of Goliad Elementary.

With the high school pep rally, homecoming, Parent Reading Night, the Scholastic Book Fair, Red Ribbon Week and parade, the students learned so much and had fun doing so.

Along with the excitement of the extracurricular activities, kindergartners are also moving right along in the classrooms. They have started blending CVC words, making text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections with folktales and fables, and retelling these stories so that they can arrange them in a sequenced organizer.

In math, the students are making improvements in their daily routines. They are learning ordinal numbers, chorally counting to 60, attributes of two-dimensional shapes, past, present, and future, and recognizing numbers 1-10.

With the country in an election year, students discovered what it is to vote, why we vote, and how to vote. They were able to fill out their own ballot and, depending on the classroom, voted on favorite books, snacks, etc.

In science, they have concluded learning about the five senses and moved on to motion and movement. Students are learning that things move fast, slow, in a straight line, zig-zag, round and round, up and down, etc.

Third-grade news

In reading, students are studying poetry. They have had poems read to them as well as reading some themselves. They are learning poetic language such as alliteration, assonance, rhythm, and rhyme. The students are keeping a poetry notebook as well.

In math, third-graders are modeling and solving multiplication real-life problem situations with concrete and/or pictorial objects. Students use skip counting, patterns on grids, groupings, and repeated addition as strategies for understanding multiplication.

Science students have been doing simple investigations with pushes and pulls. Students can begin to see that all changes in motion are dependent upon forces. Students used toy cars and everyday objects to explore different types of force and motion. In the coming weeks, students will observe how some forces such as gravity and magnetism work.

Third-grade social studies students have studied the election process and voted in a mock election. The results were Obama with 44 votes and Romney with 39 votes.

Fourth-grade news

In reading, students are studying elements of dramas. They are having fun acting out parts in the plays.  

In writing, fourth-graders are finishing up a narrative about a time they learned something new. Soon, students will be taking their second six weeks CSCOPE Unit 2 test.  

On Nov. 30, the fourth grade will enjoy an author visit from award-winning author Susan Stevens Crummel.

Fourth-graders have been working on learning multiplication facts since the beginning of the year. They are expected to master their facts to 12 and have a good understanding of the properties of multiplication. 

Students are also learning multi-digit multiplication problems and will begin division in the next six weeks. They are also working daily on solving real-world problems with two or more steps and they should be able to explain their process for solving the problem, which requires more higher-order thinking.

Science students are learning about heat/thermal energy, electrical energy, solar energy, mechanical, sound and light energy. Students have made pepper dance, cup phones to study vibrations, used flame to see how heat energy transfers and reflected light.

Music news  

“Over the River and Through the Woods.” Classes are singing, dancing, learning to read rhythms, performing rhythmic poems, playing instruments and creating.   

Fourth- and fifth-graders are creating their first melodies of the year. The Mixed Bag Fundraiser is starting as soon as catalogs arrive. Contact a fourth- or fifth- grader for more information or go to the Goliad Intermediate School office.

Upcoming events

Nov. 20 – early release

Nov. 21-23 – Thanksgiving holidays

Nov. 28 – report cards

Nov. 30 – visit from author Susan Stevens Crummel

Dec. 3 – reading benchmark

Dec. 4 – math benchmark
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